4 Ways to Integrate Automated Quoting into your Field Service App

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4 Ways to Integrate Automated Quoting into your Field Service App


Field service organizations need revenue.


Research confirms that companies that focus on revenue building (sales) out-perform those that spend more energy on post-sale service performance alone.

But with so many service issues to consider, the revenue side doesnt always get as much attention as it should.

Why? ?

Sometimes organizations fail to recognize field service as a process spanning from marketing to sales to service.

So what should we do?

Glad you asked!

Start by focusing on long-term, profit-making strategies

How do service organizations make sales a priority?

Take another look at your revenue, or sales, side of the businessi.e. How you do quoting

Because lets face it:

Quoting is the most central task of generating revenue for service businesses.

Got it? Renew quoting efforts. How do we do that?

Field service quoting systems address two types of quotes: 2. Service Contract Time and Material Start by setting these up in your system.

Once you distinguish between time and material and service contract quotes, you can further split your sales quotes into four categories. [Dont worry. Your quoting automation system will help with this part.]

4 ways automated quoting helps with sales:Pre-quote PreparednessQuoting EfficiencyQuote Approval to Execution FeaturesQuote Analysis and Reporting

Pre-Quote PreparednessQuoting EfficiencyQuote Approval to Execution FeaturesQuote Analysis and ReportingTime and Material Sections for inventory, time and labor, tasks, and more for one-time set-upBuilds quotes by adding materials, tasks, and timeTransitions from prospect to customer are easy to trackOnce you close a quote its easy to go back and reopen itSeparates databases for quotes, orders, and prospects to prevent clutterModifies quotes, breaks big jobs into individual work orders, and moves quotes into ordersMoves from quote to order with just a clickTracks quotes to see if theyre open, closed, or denied and predicts how much work may be comingService ContractsFollows the same steps as time and Material quotes, but keeps quote intact through contractProvides space to explain what youll do, what youll cover, and how often youll provide serviceTurns into a recurring order with just one click and can be modified at any stageAllows technicians to document what they saw on site and what needs to happen in the futureSets up contract specifics as you go Connects with the rest of the service operationsSets up other services (e.g. schedule techs for recurring events)Keeps quote intact for historical review and statistical analysis

What quoting automation actually does:

Can quoting also be a field function?

The short answer:


The long answer:

With mobile quoting capabilities like picture taking and access to service history, technicians can sell to customers and create quotes on-site.

How do we make our customers take technician quotes seriously?

Start with a customized mobile inspection.

Then, create a quote based on the inspection data.

e.g. The inspection identifies a seal in need of repair, so the quote item Repair Seal, is linked to a part number, item cost, and predetermined mark-up based on the customer and procedure.

Send quote to customer automatically

Convert quote to service order

Schedule service order and dispatch technicianFinally

And thats it!

You gain a new sale and a happy customer.

Help your field workers double as sales people by giving them the tools they need to serve your customers and quote them at the right time.

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