2tionplus - the social network Educational program for collaborative learning.

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1. 2tionPlusThe Ultimate Learning Tool for Android Tablet 2. 2tionPlus: Ultimate tool for Collaborative learning 3. C.L.O.U.D(Class Lessons On Ur Demand)Students can clarifyany doubts even onmove. Students canrequest /shareclass lessons/notes with peersusing the CLOUD 4. Online WhiteBoardStudents canattend onlinetutoring throughTablet PC using thedigitalwhite-boardfacility . This willsupport students inanytime, anywhere learning 5. Te a c h M e ( Talk Aloud) Students can hear notes/text written in tablet. It will help them ineasy learning and master the Language and avoidingmother tongue influence 6. Expert AssistanceStudent can availthehelp of30,000+tutorsStudents / Parentscangothroughthe completeprofile oftutorbefore fixing thetuition. 7. Video Lectures More than 1 million embedded educational videos categorically arranged according to subjects for easy search for students. 8. Student PlannerStudentscanplan their studiesand share it withgroup or tutor forcollaborativelearning 9. Product Name : 2tionPlus (Lite)Platform : Android 2.1 & aboveSize : 88KType Hybrid App 10. T hank you


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