0841 Our Experience with Indigenous Paddy (Organic) Cultivation Using System of Rice Intensification (SRI)

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Institution: Wellasse, World Vision Lanka Monaragala District Thanamalwila AGA Division Subject Country: SriLanka

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  • 1. Our Experience with Indigenous Paddy (Organic) Cultivation Using System of Rice Intensification (SRI) World Vision LankaMonaragala DistrictThanamalwila AGA Division

2. 3. Batha Bulathin Saru Wu Wellasse Diriya Daruwo 4. Past ContextWellasse (Hundred ThousandPaddy Fields) Present ContextFields overgrown withforest & Agricultural Context Upland (unirrigated) agriculture using the rains of the North East monsoon shrubs 5. 6. Sustainable Wellassa Modern Techniques

  • SRI Concept
  • Organic Approach

Past WellassaArea Context

  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Ponds

Value Addition

  • Social Mobilization
  • Indigenous Paddy
  • Indigenous Practices

7. Table 1: No. of Acres Grown and No. of Farmers Involved in SRI Rice Production(Maha 2006 & Maha 2007 ) District Location/DS Division No. of acres grown Number of farmers involved Variety of seed paddy used Duration of variety used (months) Monaragala Thanamalwila 11 24 Suwadal 2/ 6 9 Madathawalu 3/ 9 15 Kuruluthuda 3 6 12 Kaluhinati 3/ 5.75 10 Pachcha Perumal 3/ 8. 9. Table 3: Farm Size of SRI Maha 2007/08 Farm size (acres) Number of SRI farmers Total number of acres grown Productivity of paddy (Kgs/acre) Total production (MT) < 0.25 - 0.25-0.5 14 3.5 0.5 - 1 29 14.5 1-2 11 11.75 2 < - 29.75 45.815 10. Value Addition Social Mobilization - Activating the latent potential of the people by facilitating and forming self-help groups which are responsible for their own development of culture, education,economy,etc.-Empowering civil society in order to achieve sustainable development 11. 12. Advantages-Empowered people carry on the project from one generation to another generation -Empowered communities gain maximum benefits from the intervention 13. 500 Rain WaterHarvestPonds 3/10-acre capacity and 5 to15 feet depth,500 rainwater harvesting ponds constructedwithin 3 years 14. 15. Advantages- -Irrigation water with use of fertilizers and agrochemicals has contaminated water,but this water is pure & has natural value -Small independent irrigation pond is formed within the farmers land. Pond Paddy Field Integrated Farm is designed within the farmers land 16. Approach to Thanamalwila1 stStep-Arousing the dignity of the Wellassa people by preparing self-sufficiency ofWellassa area (through addressing social problems) 2 ndstep - Awareness programs on Indigenous Traditionalcultivation, without highlighting the word SRI 3 rdStep - Field visit to Thangalu Welyayawith the present community 4 thStep- Train 15 Farmers for the Pilot Project 5 thStep - Evaluation of the Pilot Project& start theMaha season with 200 farmers 6 thStep - Marketing initiatives