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" Water for Mori": Charitable Clean Water for India Village

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This Mission project arose in concept following a Surgical Mission designed to correct the Cleft Facial deformities of a population located in and around a remote Christian School village located in South-Eastern India named Mori-Podu. After outfitting the local hospital with supplies and equipment and operating there, it was discovered that the population suffered from Dysentary and water-borne diseases due to contaminated water sources. The presentation shows the progression of the project from Cleft Faial surgeries to provision of a water purification system for the area working in impoverished conditions and overcoming several engineering obstacles. This project was the culmination of partnerships with Rotary Clubs of Carlsbad, Rotary International, Caped Inc., Water Missions Intl. and the Smiles International Foundation. http;//

Text of " Water for Mori": Charitable Clean Water for India Village

  • 1. All is possible through Partnerships!

2. Providing Excellence in Education and Charitable Surgical Care Mission Statement since 1987 3. We work providing Charitable Surgical Care, Cleft and Craniofacial Deformities Organize Medical Missions Medical Equipment And Supplies Paws for a Smile Canine Therapy Self-Esteem Education For Children Accredited Continuing Education Symposia Water for Life and Health 4. Where we have served Cd.Juarez, Mexico PichuCalco,Mexico Ensenada, Mexico Tecate, Mexico Mori, India David, Panama San Jose, Costa Rica Dnepropetrosk, Ukraine Dneprodherzinsk,Ukraine Cocody, Ivory Coast, Africa Alepe, Ivory Coast, Africa Santa Avelina, Solala,Guatemala Iowa, USA San Diego, USA Currently working in Tecate, BajaNorte, Mexico Mori, India San Jose, Costa Rica Cabo San Lucas, BajaSur, Mx 5. Pacific Clinical Research Foundation Carlsbad Rotary Club/High Noon Rotary Tecate Rotary Club Mission Bay Rotary Rotary Rohrmoser, Costa Rica Bricktown Rotary, Oklahoma Rotary Club Los Cabos, Baja Sur, Mexico DIF Desarrollo Intergral de Familia, MX US Naval Medicine Flying Samaritans Variety Childrens Lifeline Smile Train Pierre Fauchard Foundation Private Contributions. We work with great Partners Mission Bay Rotary 6. It is all about team effort! 7. Smiles of India 2009- present time 8. We found lots of children. Some days in green Some days in white Relaxing some days in colors. 9. We discovered a beautiful hospital With few doctors willing to use it. 10. We found some old equipment necessary for surgery 11. We presented Rotary to the administration. We found one Rotarian located nearby who worked in the Medical- Dental Field. 12. Willing Dahlit-Christian RNs And the patients are gathered 13. We screened Surgeries, to define the need and surgical timing. Dr. Moses examines child. Mrs. Moses prepares paper work 14. The Problem Spans the Generations AGE 61Years AGE 7 months 15. There was an important need of clean water. In Southeastern India Smiles International Partnership/ Rotary 5340/MG P-99 Andrah Pradesh, Mori Water for Mori 2012-13 16. Based off of experience with two prior Water Purification Grants In Africa, Cote dIvoire (Cocody & Alepe, Ivory Coast, W. Africa ) Water for Africa 2009-2010 17. Water for Mori 2012-13 SIF-Rotary 5340 MG P-99 Partnership Project Objective: Provide Safe Drinking Water to Village, Residency Orphanage / School, and Hospital For the inhabitants of Mori-Podu, India Method: Rely on prior Engineering Data and Equipment Researched in our previous two 5340 MG Projects Water for Africa 18. First: Water Sample was Obtained Results showed high level of contamination including e-coli presence. Not unexpected due to reports of dysentery and prior observations on Facial Cleft surgical projects. Engineering performed by Water Missions International water specialists and Modular Purification system designed and constructed. Proforma sent to Smiles International Foundation/ submitted for Partnership Rotary 5340 MG P-99 Funding Obtained 19. The Hospital and School/Orphanage Are within Mori-Podu Village out in Rural Rice Deltas 20. Water Supply? Contaminated and Conflicted Usage Common Site of WASTE Disposal Hogs Feed on Garbage 21. Water Supply? Contaminated and Conflicted Usage Water Buffalo Swim Water Source Women Wash Daily Laundry 22. Water Supply? Contaminated and Conflicted Usage Used for Washing Daily Dishware Human Bathing and Tooth-brushing 23. Mori-Podu Riverside School and Orphanage Services Over 450 Children 24. Many Children Many Chances for Change! 25. Smiles Intl. hosts Self- Esteem lectures As well as to the Orphanages and Schools For the Facially-Deformed Children 26. Somodifications were made to also present Water Health and Sanitation Maribel Moses Presents to School Children and Teachers 27. Imperative to educate Teachers and Students alike with Clean Water and Sanitation Habits for Sustainability. 28. The WMI System was Shipped, Customs Arranged, and Received into Hyderabad and trucked to Mori-Podu We need to re-construct this Four Stories Up There!... and distribute it properly. 29. Since No Cranes / Must Use brains! And. Prayer! 30. Little- By- Little Using Muscle 31. And, definitely with Prayer! 32. Many Thanks for the Teachers and Orphanage Workers Team-Spirit! AndNO Injuries! 33. Ensuring Sustainability: It is Important to Use the Host Sites Human Resources 34. Just as we ask the Hosts to Hoist We also ask them to AssembleFor their knowledge of the system 35. Some small things (like the Water Pump), are brought up the stairs Tight Spiral 36. Their Electrician/Plumbers Connect and Wire The Pump They Assemble and Learn to Trouble-Shoot the Controls 37. We assist in DesignThey construct the Water Distribution Sites with Plumbing 38. Purified-Water Faucets Placed in Strategic Locations Orphanage/School HOSPITAL and Outdoor Village Plaza 39. Mori-Podus Water Systems Manager is taught how to test the water periodically to adjust Chlorine and Alum-Floculation Concentrations. 40. The Installed System functioning with purification levels exceeding EPA Standards Engineer Dale GrayRotarian Jeff Educator Maribel Moses 41. Since this process took several days We were able to run a Post-Operative Evaluation clinic and Another Screening Clinic. 42. We were Grateful to See some Familiar Faces from Previous Surgical-Project Missions Rachaels Father With Happy Follow-up 43. Rachael Pre-Surgery 2010 Rachael After Surgery 2013 44. Water for Mori Project Summary 1. Modular Water Purification plant and Distribution System Designed -Constructed and Completed with Equipment Lifespan of One Decade for Remote Rural Southeastern Indian Village School/Orphanage/Hospital -site providing pure drinking water exceeding EPA standards to local population of up to 6,000 persons. 3. Postoperative Craniofacial Surgical Clinics and Outreach Dental Treatment Clinics were performed for patients both having undergone surgical correction of facial cleft lip and palate deformities in 2010 Rotary Smiles of India surgical mission, as well as 54 New Patients requiring treatment. Emergency treatments, diagnosis and continued treatment plans were given. 2. Sustainability Training in Water Health and Sanitation was given as well as Self Esteem ProgramsTo All School Levels in multiple assembly and classroom settings.Teachers were given the presentation materials and taught to give the classroom lessons for future students on an annual basis. 45. Clean Water Distribution Map

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