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Utah falconry slideshow

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  • 1. UTAH FALCONRY Jonathan Pitchford

2. In the last two recent years of my personal life I found that I was looking for more of a purpose then just the standard features provided by my cooker cutter version of life. Something that was additional to the casual career, education at school or my physical life at the gym. Because even with those foundation type aspects of my life I felt incomplete like I was just going through the motions. So I began to look for that something more that could refine my life into that more worthwhile life. It was there that I came across and took up the sport of falconry. This was something that I found exhilarating not just because of the adrenaline sport that it was but because of the additional twist where it does in fact create a final product. The final product is an aware, trained animal that can be released back into the wild that is now more than capable of survival assisting in safeguard the ever dwindling raptor populations. Taking a look at becoming something more than just for myself and it was there that I found the additional purpose that created a balance in my life. Having the chance to combine photography and one of my singular purposes in life into this presentation has been another worthwhile experience this year. 3. Why Falconry? Why is falconry so important I can hear many of you asking at this point? Well the truth be told even our native birds have extremely high mortality rates. These rates can be as high as 90%. Those involved in this endeavor are those that are doing what they can to preserve the species. The raise the bird then when the infant becomes a well trained adult they are released back into their habitat. 4. The centering point here is on our young female Phixeus entertaining herself within the enclosure. Its important to have an adequate location for your bird that provides room for exercise as well as companionship for the standard Harris Hawk. For those that are interested know that this is a in depth and very personal lifestyle. (Thirds) 5. The Team Detailed and Cropped Post Details Previous Details 6. The apprenticeship, everyone needs someone to learn from to shorthand the learning curve. From the beginning it will be the master falconer, the apprentice and the young bird. The Master Overseeing The family group among falconers 7. Natural Predators at peace in their happy hunting ground, Harris hawks rely on each other for survival Phixeus and Dexter at the ready Harris Hawks the only pack hunting hawk. 8. The birds eye view, this will be the most common sight for the falconer as you quite literally carry your bird on the post during the hunt! Greetings! Come here often? 9. What is out there is Extraordinary but mostly unseen.