The 10 Best day Hikes In The United States

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  • The Absolute 10 Best Day Hikes in the United States

    The U.S. is loaded with amazing hiking trails. Thanks in large part to our extensive

    National Park system, there are still plenty of places out there where you can surround

    yourself with the beauty and majesty of nature-- and challenge your stamina and


    From daunting rock climbs to more relaxing forest treks, these day hikes will show you

    the best of Americas natural splendor.

  • These should be on every hikers bucket list. They will blow you away in beauty and

    make you feel like you really accomplished something when you get to the top.

    Heres our list of the 10 best day hikes in the United States in no particular order. We

    promise, you wont be disappointed.

    1) Angels Landing - Zion National Park

    This hike changed my life and set me on a course that I have never looked back from.

    This day hike more them met my expectations and it gave me a hunger to see more of

    the United States National Parks.

  • However, this is not a hike for those afraid of heights.

    As you make your way along a narrow strip of rocky trail, the drop on one side is a mere

    800 feet, while the other side is a sheer drop of 1200 feet. When explorer Frederick

    Fisher first viewed the summit, he is said to have marveled that only an angel could

    land on it.

    flickr photo by MrConnyBoy shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

    While there are hand cables and

    chains along parts of the trail, it is a

    true test of nerves. The reward for

    those intrepid hikers who brave this

    trail are some truly jaw-dropping

    views of Zion Canyon.

    I have done many day hikes in North America and abroad and this one is still amongst

    my top 3. I was freaking out the whole way up the cables portion, but once I got there I

    was blown away by the view from all directions.

  • There really is nothing quite like it with all

    the colors and mountains and valleys on

    every side of you.

    This changed my appreciation for hiking and

    after I went on this hike, I rarely wanted to

    use my vacation days on city trips, but have opted for beautiful natural destinations like

    Utahs incredible Zion National Park. I simply had to see more!

    2) Precipice Trail - Acadia National Park

    flickr photo by R'lyeh Imaging shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

  • Maine is home to the gorgeous Acadia National Park. Maine is quite a cold destination

    in the winter (just below Canada), but when the weather starts to warm up in the spring

    and summer, the Acadia National Park starts to really get some visitors. For those

    passionate hikers out there, this park and hike is worth the trip.

    The Precipice Trail is a 1.5 mile out and back route that will take you on an almost

    vertical 1,000 foot climb up the face of Champlain Mountain. Iron rungs, ladders and

    rock ledges will help you pull yourself along, but be prepared for an upper body workout.

    Youll be surrounded by breathtaking

    views of Acadia National Park, and if

    youre lucky, you may even spot one of

    the peregrine falcons that nest there.

    For those outdoor lovers who want to

    see an often unexplored part of the

    United States, head to Maine and get yourself a lobster roll and see some breathtaking

    views at Arcadia National Park.he Hike Here

  • 3) Half Dome - Yosemite National Park

    This is by far the most strenuous and challenging day hike in Yosemite Valley. I know

    because I have done it and it was a full day to say the least. I think at the end of the

    day, I looked at my Fitbit Alta activity tracker and I had hiked almost 20 miles roundtrip

    and over 45,000 steps!

    It was an exhausting day to say the least.

  • But it was worth it and I would definitely recommend

    you check out this legendary hike and perhaps

    Americas favorite and most popular national park.

    The trail is a long, steep hike that requires a good 12

    hours to complete. It took me around that as we got

    there bright and early before 6am and didnt get back

    until dinner!

    Along the way, youll enjoy the sights of the Vernal and Nevada waterfalls. The

    uppermost portion of the trail is essentially a vertical climb up rock face using cables.

    This is highly difficult after you have already been on the upward climb all day.

    Its not for the faint of heart for those like

    myself that are afraid of heights. You just hold

    onto the cables and try not to look down.

    It can also be difficult and intimidating as you

    can only go as fast as the person in front of

    you. Hikers squeeze by you coming down

    when you are going up (and vice versa)

    making it a little nerve racking for those with

    big packs and sometimes the limestone

    surface is a bit slippery (even without rain).

  • Thankfully there are wooden planks that you can rest on until you get to the next step

    up. So it was a bit nerve racking going up to say the least.

    Going back down using those same cables can be even more challenging. And dont

    even think about going to the peak if the weather is poor. BUT, all this to say it was and

    is worth it!

    Why put yourself through this

    agony? Because at the top youre at an

    elevation of 8,842 feet and you can see

    forever. I had a feeling of accomplishment

    like never before when I completed this hike

    and I can promise you, you will too.

    Just make sure to get cable permit well in

    advance if you want to do the cable portion

    to the peak. They only have limited amounts

    of people that they allow to go up to the top

    do to the amount of people that come to Yosemite each day, so make sure to grab that

    permit well ahead of time.

  • 4) Highline Trail - Glacier National Park

    flickr photo by Katie@! shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

    Glacier National Park is almost always listed as one of the most scenic and beautiful

    parks in the United States. Its no wonder so many people love it.

    The Highline Trail is among the best day hikes Glacier National Park has to offer. It

    takes you along the Continental Divide, which is known in this area as the Garden Wall.

  • flickr photo by D.Taylor in Idaho shared

    under a Creative Commons (BY) license

    While there are some narrow sections of the

    trail that will require complete focus, youll be

    able to enjoy the scenery along the way for

    most of this trail. Alpine meadows dotted with

    wildflowers and wildlife await your discovery,

    so keep your eyes peeled for bighorn sheep,

    mountain goats and marmots.

    Personally, Glacier National Park is still on

    my bucket list and I am hoping to visit Glacier

    this upcoming summer. I have seen and

    heard nothing but good things about the beauty of this park and the wonderful trails to


    I am positive you will find Glacier National Parks top day hike, the Highline Trail, to be

    among your favorites!

  • 5) Longs Peak & Chasm Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park

    flickr photo by Bruce Dall shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

    Rocky Mountain National Park is widely popular park in one of the nations most

    beautiful states (arguably), Colorado. People flock here in droves to see this beautiful

    gem and go on some of the best hikes in America.

    The hike begins in dense evergreen forest and ascends to the top of Longs Peak. At

    14,259 feet, its the highest point in Rocky Mountain National Park!

  • Youll make your way along a gorge with views of Columbine Falls and Peacock Pool.

    Stunning Chasm Lake is your ultimate goal, and to reach it youll make a steep climb up

    the headwall, which requires some rock scrambling and route finding.

    If you want to get some great fresh air and experience the beauty of Northern Colorado,

    check out the Rocky Mountain National Park.More Info On The Hike Here

    6) Hoh River Trail - Olympic National Park

    flickr photo by rarvesen shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

    The Northwestern part of the United States is widely known for its beauty and this park

    is no exception. The Olympic National Park can be found in the state of Washingtons

  • northern peninsula and features some dramatic peaks of the incredible Olympic


    This trail is relatively flat, until you reach Glacier Meadow, so you will have plenty of

    opportunity to marvel at the magnificent rainforest around you. Stop for a break at the

    huge gravel bar that makes up Five Mile Island to enjoy the views and try to spot elk.

    flickr photo by daveynin shared under

    a Creative Commons (BY) license

    Further along, youll be able to see the

    enormous glaciers that feed the remarkably

    blue Hoh River. This is another great hike

    for admiring flora and fauna.

    You will be amazed at the beauty of this park and in awe the whole way on the Hoh

    River Trail.

    For those that havent been to Washington, I thi