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  1. 1. Oakman Shawn Baylor DE #2 I 6.3 Last Name First Name College Position Final Grade 69 280 Height Weight 40 speed Test Score ATHLETIC ABILITY SECTION GRADE: 6.0 Q.A.B 6.0 Quick Feet 6.5 C.O.D. 6.5 Flexibility 6.0 Coordination 6.0 Shawn has is a good athlete with very quick feet and change of direction. His size is the difference between making him a good athlete and very good athlete. Its harder for him to stay low and keep balance. COMPETITIVENESS SECTION GRADE: 6.5 Toughness 6.5 Clutch Play 6.0 Production 6.5 Consistency 6.5 Team Player 6.5 Pride / Quit 6.5 Shawn is a tough and aggressive player. He has shown in key situations that he can make big plays and be disruptive. He has been very productive and consistent. MENTAL ALERTNESS SECTION GRADE: 6.5 Learn / Retain 6.5 Inst/Reaction 6.5 Concentration 6.5 Shawn is a very smart football player with great instincts and reaction. He stays focused. STRENGTH/ EXPLOSION SECTION GRADE: 6.5 Body Type 9.0 Shawn is a monster at 69 and weighing 280 lbs. His size is rare for a defensive end. When he attacks the quarterback he can power through the line without being touch, which makes him very explosive. Hes shown ability to play strong at the POA, but does not always do it. Durability 6.0 Explosion 6.5 Play Strength 5.5 GDE CATEGORY COMMENTS DESCRIPT GAMES VIEWED COMBINE NOTES 6.5 Read & React Consistently reads the play and reacts quickly Oklahoma 2013 SMU 2014 225 REPS VERTICAL JUMP BROAD JUMP 6.0 Initial Quicks He is explosive off the ball, but can also be slow 5.5 Play Strength Has all the tools to play strong at POA, but needs to play with more leverage and hand use consistently
  2. 2. GDE CATEGORY COMMENTS DESCRIPT GAMES VIEWED COMBINE NOTES 5.5 Use of Hands Very inconsistent with hand use, makes him vulnerable at the legs with low cut/blocks Oklahoma State 2014 Buffalo 2014 20 SHUTTLE 60 SHUTTLE 3 CONE 5.5 Shed Blocker Sometimes has trouble getting free quickly, will make play with one arm 6.0 Run at Him Disruptive in backfield, missed tackles for loss 6.0 Pursuit / Range Does a good job coming down the LOS 5.0 Tackling When in good position he wraps up, but tries a lot of one arm tackles, which makes him miss a lot 5.0 Closing Burst Lacks explosiveness to finish plays CRITICAL FACTORS 6.5 Power Rush With explosion and his quick feet he can run through line SIZE 9.0 INITIAL QUICKS 6.0 PLAY STR 5.5 COMPETES 6.5 PLAY SPEED 6.0 INSTINCTS 6.5 6.5 Speed Rush Consistently beats OT around the corner 5.0 Errors No glaring mental errors, but tackling STRONG POINTS WEAKNESSES Shawn has incredible size with quick feet. He is competitive while is production has been consistent. Shawn is also a smart young athlete with great instincts. He can beat offensive tackles around the corner as speed rusher and can run through the line as a power rusher. He can makes big plays in key situations. When Shawn is not using his hands he becomes susceptible to injury in his legs with low cut/blocks. Most of his tackles are one armed tackles because hes never in position to wrap players. When finishing plays he does not have that explosiveness. SUMMARY Overall, Shawn is a good athlete that can be productive in the NFL as a starter.