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  • 1.The Iditarod

2. What is the Iditarod?

  • The Iditarod is a race held in Alaska.
  • They started the Iditarod because of the diphtheria epidemic.
  • It is a race when the dogs pull a sled with a musher in the back of the sled.


  • The Iditarod is a race for the diphtheria epidemic.
  • Doug Swingley won the Iditarod.
  • The Iditarod trail is from Anchorage to Nome.
  • Some of the racers in the Iditarod live to race in the Iditarod.
  • Some of the racers get scratched out of the race.
  • That means that you cant go on with the race any more.

Facts About The Iditarod 4.

  • If some one is 50feet away from you have to stop for a minute and let them pass you.
  • When you win the Iditarod is not over.
  • If you borrow some supplies you have to return them or else you have to pay $500.00 for each item.
  • You have to have at least 12 dogs.
  • You can not have over 16 dogs.

The Rules Of The Race 5.

  • Diphtheria is a disease that is incurable unless you have the exact medicine.
  • Now when you are a baby you get certain shots that help your body fight off those diseases.
  • Diphtheria is a disease that covers your wind pipe and stops you from breathing.

So What Is Diphtheria? 6.

  • Sleds are what the mushers ride in on the trail.
  • The sleds hold all the supplies that the mushers haveto have on the trail.
  • The sled that Balto pulled had the medicine that they had to bring back with them.
  • The sleds are very important to the mushers.

So What Are Sleds? 7.

  • They use all sorts of equipment on the trail.
  • They use:
  • booties for the dogs,
  • sleds to ride in
  • sleeping bags to sleep in
  • food for the dogs to eat
  • and they use a bib so people know who they are

The Equipment That They Use 8. What are booties?

  • Booties are little boot type shoes for the dogs so they dont get ice or snow in between the spaces in their paws.
  • Booties are made of cloth.
  • The musher has to have at least 8 booties for every dog pulling the sled.

9. What Is A Musher?

  • A musher is a person who leads the dog sled.
  • The musher tells the dogs what to do.
  • He yells out certain words so the dogs know which way to turn or when to stop.

10. A Picture Of The Dogs And The Musher 11. Alaska

  • Alaska is the state the Iditarod begins.
  • Alaska is the state that the diphtheria epidemic spread.
  • Alaska is a part of the United States.
  • Alaska is not attached to the United States.
  • Alaska is cold.

12. The Iditarod Map 13. The names of mushers

  • Doug Swingley
  • Jeff King
  • Chuck King
  • Linwood Fiedler
  • Jerry Riley
  • Rick Swenson
  • Dee Dee Jonrowe
  • Martin Buser
  • Sonny King
  • Paul Gebhardt
  • Mitch Seavey
  • John Baker
  • Rick Mackey
  • Ramy Brooks
  • Ramy Smyth
  • Hans Gatt

14. The names of mushers 2

  • Vern Halter
  • Tim Osmar
  • Daniel Govoni
  • Aaron Burmeister
  • Jon Little
  • Charlie Boulding
  • Jerome Longo
  • Bill Cotter
  • Jim Lanier
  • Ed Iten
  • John Barren
  • Gwen Holdmenn
  • Jaun Alcina
  • Thomas Tetz
  • Nils Haun
  • Sonny Lidner

15. The names of mushers 3

  • Dave Tresino
  • Buck Church
  • DevanCurrier
  • Russel Lane
  • Robert Bundtzen
  • Cindy Gallea
  • Aliy Zurkle
  • Wayne Curtis
  • Lance Mackey
  • Raymie Redington
  • Ray Redington Jr.
  • Bob Chlupach
  • Wally Robinson
  • John Barren

16. The names of mushers 4

  • Palmer Sagoonick
  • Jim Lanier
  • Ron Koczaja
  • Bruce Moroney
  • Roy Monk
  • Morten Fonseca
  • Peryl Kyzer
  • Buck Church
  • Elizabeth Manning
  • Clinton Warnk
  • Karen Ramstead
  • Pedro Curuchet
  • Janson Halsath
  • Stephan Carrick
  • Ryan Redington
  • Art Church


  • Doug Swingley is the winner of the Iditarod.
  • He only had 11 dogs when he crossed the finish line!!!
  • He finished in the time of:9 days, 55 hours, 50 minutes, and 15 seconds.

Doug Swingley 18.

  • Andy Moderow is an Iditarod racer.
  • He won the jr. Iditarod 5 times in a row!!!
  • He is in 19 thplace now.
  • He is a good racer.

Andy Moderow 19.

  • Rick Swenson had 11 dogs when he crossed the finish line.
  • I want him in 2 ndplace.
  • But he is in 4 thplace right now.
  • Caroline and I like Rick Swenson.

Rick Swenson 20.

  • Dee Dee Jonrowe was born into a military family.
  • Her dad went into the army when she was only 5 months old.
  • She finished the Iditarod in 10 thplace.

Dee Dee Jonrowe 21.

  • Chuck King was scratched at Skwentna.
  • He is from Arizona.
  • He is 41.
  • His hobbies are music, medicine, and the outdoors.
  • Hes been to Hollywood.

Chuck King 22.

  • Peryll Kyzer has been running dogs since 1980.
  • She is a goat farmer when the Iditarod isnt running.
  • She finished the Iditarod in 50 thplace.

Peryll Kyzer 23. Pictures Of Some Other Racers Linwood Fielder Jeff King Paul Gebhardt John Baker Sonny King Ramey Smyth 24.

  • Balto is a famous dog.
  • Balto was one of the dogs who pulled the sled for the diphtheria epidemic.
  • Balto has a statue of him with his musher in Central Park, New York.
  • Balto is always going to be a hero dog.

Balto 25.

  • The red lantern is what the last person who crosses the finish line gets because they are glad that they didnt give up.
  • The red lantern has been hung up every year because of the diphtheria epidemic.
  • The red lantern is to tell the last person where to cross.
  • The red lantern is a guiding light.

The Red Lantern 26. Pictures Of The Race 27. Our Painting Of Doug Swingley 28. The End By:Michael And Caroline