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I teach, therefore you learn... or do you?

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Exploring the changing expectations of our students.

Text of I teach, therefore you learn... or do you?

  • I teach, therefore you learn... or do you? The changing expectations of our pupils
  • We no longer live the way we used to
  • We teach the way we used to We teach the way we were taught
  • Our philosophy may be outdated
  • We may be stuck in our old ways
  • The old may feel safe and reliable
  • Perhaps the new offers a better alternative
  • Consider this:
  • Charles Dickens wrote like this
  • But our pupils read Charles dickens like this
  • Yet we expect our pupils to produce work like this
  • But not like this
  • It may be time to reconsider the way we teach
  • But why?
  • Our pupils are not that different from us
  • But they experience the world differently
  • Think about it...
  • Our generation watched TV: Limited information Structured schedules
  • Their generation use computers: Limitless information 24/7 access
  • Our pupils share the same interests we had: Friendship Socialising
  • But they use different tools
  • The means of communication have changed
  • This is how they communicate:
  • Communication may hold the key
  • We need to start listening
  • We need to teach using the right tools
  • We need to teach life skills
  • We need to stop resisting change
  • We risk being left behind
  • If we are to meet our students expectations
  • If we are to engage our pupils
  • If we are to remain relevant
  • If we want them to learn from us
  • We may need to learn from them
  • Photos from:[email protected]/2569980414/[email protected]/132505259/ Special thanks to A. Simner & W. Orchard