Frame Analysis - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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1. Analysis FrameThis frame is in the film at one hour four minutes, Harmony is driving Harry to the hospital as he has lost his finger and they see the bad guys and follow them in the car. As you can see the camera is showing the car that they are following therefore showing you the view that the characters can see. There is lots of light coming from the left of the shot most probably coming from street lights and other cars, it is the complete opposite of the frame which is in shadow. The main focus of the shot is the car in front as many of the thing around the car are blurry this may be due to the fact that the cars are moving during this frame, therefore the camera moving in that direction. The sounds you can hear are the sound of the conversation between the two characters in the car which the camera seems to be on, and also the sound of the car in front pulling out of the road to the right as that is where it came from. So all the sound is deigetic. The location that this scene has been filmed is on a road and in the dark to make it more mysterious to what is goingto happen next.As you can see the camera is showing the car that they are following therefore showing you the view that the characters can see, so showing their point of view. There is many signs on the right of the frame and a few of them are lit by the ongoing cars going past. Though most of the right is in shadow showing nothing is going on there and the focus is more on the car.Bang Kiss Kiss Bang 2. Analysis FrameThis frame is one hour and twenty five minutes into the film. Two of the main characters Harry and Gay Perry. Most of the light in the frame is coming from light outside the room they are in and is coming through the window and highlighting the half of the face which we cant see and keeping the side we can see in shadow. However we can still tell the who the characters are. The frame is split into free sections you have one character to the left you then have the window which is letting all the light through in themiddle and the character on the right. The characters are divided in the middle by the window which is letting the light in and the characters look very dark and in shadow to make them less visible to the audience as that is how it would be with less light.The characters are whispering to each other therefore implying that they either shouldnt be there or are hiding from something. The location isnt that obvious but it look like they are hiding in some small room or cupboard of some sort. This makes you what or who are they hiding from. The camera shot is showing both the main characters in this shot and keeps switching to close ups to either one when they talk. This is using the 180 degree rule. Bang Kiss Kiss Bang 3. Analysis FrameThis frame is fourteen minutes into the film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It is a conversation between Harry and Gay Perry after Harry gets into a fight. The location is not clear to us as the background is clear but you can see quite a bit of green and a bright light in the middle suggesting a garden of some sort. The camera sticks to the 180 degree angle rule as it only switches between the sides of the faces on the side we can see at the moment. The sound in the background is music so this could mean a party going on as also there is a lot of laughing and mumbling. which works as to where thy are located. All the sound is diegetic. Apart from the voice over that narrates the whole film. This shot is an over the head shot so you can see the shoulders and part of the characters head and see the other character fully it normally switches between a conversation. The characters face that we can seemost of is lit be light coming from the right side of him which reflects that side of his face more and puts the rest in shadow. There is also light coming from behind the character this shows they are in a well lit spot as in the background it looks like it is dark meaning the night time so there wouldnt be much daylight.Bang Kiss Kiss Bang