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Fantacalcioville on Facebook. Case study. Acquisition and retention campaign. February 2011


<ul><li> 1. LiveXtention live contents for extended brandsInterconnection, by pchweat on Flickr: March 2012</li></ul> <p> 2. Communication strategy: the officialFantacalcio is in FacebookBackground Fantacalcioville started in September 2011 as a Facebook app The app was developed by the Digital Magics company GoodsnGames, for Gruppo LEspresso LEspresso was already managing the historical fantasy football web game Fantacalcioville was going to be the official Facebook app of the official Fantacalcio game The app quickly became one of the most popular in Italy, close to 200,000 active monthly users LiveXtension was appointed to improve users acquisition and retention, with a mid season advertising campaign and the daily management of the official Facebook pageStrategy The community of fans was involved every day with at least 3posts, featuring players pictures (where users can tagthemselves), polls and news about the game (injured players,results, etc.) New users were recruited with a CPA-optimized multi-campaign,managed with Sponsored Stories were largely used, especially during the gamepeak hours (before the weekends, when people log in to managetheir teams; and after the weekend, when scores and resultsbecome public)2LX 3. Creative approach: the Facebook official Fantacalcio + the -villeFacebook ads highlighted the officiality of this Facebook Fantasy Game, compared to the othersThe ville aspect was also remarked: you can play Fantacalcio but you can also have fun with the typical social games actionsLX 3 4. The results0,39 cost per installKey points: 27 days of campaign, in a time of the year when fantasy football is not top of mind (the only relevant news being the January transfer market) 140,128 clicks (72,540 social clicks), at a cpc of 0.071 , turned into 36,095 new installs Focus on the most actively respondent target groups (youngest FB users, male, connected to main Italian teams fan pages) Daily optimization of all the campaigns, based on FB cpa Sponsored stories to amplify the reach and give the best value to the daily management of the Facebook page (which have been constantly growing during all the time of the campaign)LX 4 5. GrazieLiveXtension, a Digital Magics CompanyVia Orobia 3, 20139 MilanoTel. +39 02 52.505.1Fax +39 02 </p>