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  1. 1. Curling By: Christine
  2. 2. History of Curling Curling came from the 16th century Scottish slidrocks around on ice Became an Olympic medal sport in1988 First rules drawn in Scotland in 1838 Queen Victoria approved of curlingand allowed the name change of theGrand Caledonian Curling Club tothe Royal Caledonian Curling Club International curling events took place in Europeand America in the 19th century
  3. 3. History of Curling, cont. During the 1924 Winter Olympics was the first timemens curling was played officially internationally In 1932, curling was listed again but as ademonstration sport In Edinburgh of 1957,the formation of aninternationalorganization wasconsidered In 1959, Scotland andCanada launched themens Scotch Cup series In 1965, the InternationalCurling Federation wascreated
  4. 4. Rules Each team has four people, two teams compete in agame Each team slides two stones Teams gain one point for each rock that is within thehouse and closer to the center than the opponentsrocks The curling stone is circular, has a diameter no biggerthan 36 in, a height no higher than 4.5 inches, and aweight between44 and 38 lbs If a stone is broken during the game, a replacementstone is placed where thelargest piece landed
  5. 5. Rules, cont. The sweeping motion is side to side A delivered stone can be swept until the stonereaches the tee line The stone must be released from the hand before itreaches the hog line Each shirt and jacket has the players surname in 5.08cm letters in theupper back of theshirt If a moving stone istouched by the teamthat the stone belongsto, the stone will be removed
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