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Doug Curling Managing Director New Kent Capital/New Kent Consulting [email protected]

Doug Curling

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Doug Curling. Managing Director New Kent Capital/New Kent Consulting [email protected] So let’s talk about…….. Business Plans Presenting & Selling Ideas How Do I Get Started ? Knowing What To Do…& When Choosing Partners Managing Frustrations The Music Business Today & Tomorrow. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Doug Curling

Doug CurlingManaging Director New Kent Capital/New Kent [email protected] lets talk about..

Business PlansPresenting & Selling IdeasHow Do I Get Started ?Knowing What To Do& WhenChoosing PartnersManaging FrustrationsThe Music Business Today & Tomorrow

Business PlansCovering the basics..in the right orderHaving the Pitch down coldBe Excited !!!!Be Organized You MIGHT have 20 - 30 good minutes before total ADD kicks inNo more than 10 15 pagesLoose/Tight meeting paceCommunicating with the right people

Business Plan DosThe Big Idea or the Big Outcome (Make Meaning)The Problem and why it mattersThe current solutions and why they fall shortWhat youre building and how/whenWhy youre different (and better!)Your spend plan and expected resultsThe (obvious) questions & answers

Business Plan DontsProduce an Org Chart showing you as CEO If you havent done anything yet !Attempt to build a solution for a problem you dont understandDisgorge spreadsheets of meaningless financialsExpect the Bankers to start by paying you a big salaryTalk to anyone in-depth without knowing who they are, what they know & what theyve donePresenting & Selling IdeasStart with the right introduction from the right personGet your $%^& together before the meetingKnow the best time & mediumI dont need you to read me powerpointsAnswer Why should this matter to me? earlyKnow what others have done before you Have a definitive plan & timelineAlways have a specific AskYou dont know who really matters --- there are no little people !

6How Do I Get Started ?You cant change what you dont understandDeal with the toughest issue firstIdentify and accomplish your #1 objective each dayKnow whether value is being created in the essence or the edgesEverybody needs a big fan club recruit advocates, supporters and friends

Choosing PartnersDont confuse people that are good with people that are talentedDont surround yourself with people that need your moneyKnow what you suck at and fill the voidsKeep away from people that belittle your ambitionsIdentify the problems and staple the right people to each of themManaging FrustrationsLearn to cooperate with the inevitableDo or Do Not There Is No TryIf you set out to take Rome take RomeDo you want to feel better or do you want to get what you want ?Not everything worth doing is worth doing wellNo battle plan survives contact with the enemy

The Music BusinessYou have to have GREAT songsYou have to have a GREAT live showYou have to have a GREAT fan baseYou have to be willing to GRIND it out

They put us in a van and sent us on a summer tour to see if we could survive on the road for 3 months and come back alive

The Music Business..Recording/Production can be do it yourselfDistribution is everywherePromotion can be self-managedMerch is cheap and importantLive/Acoustic/Demo is rare and desirableFans want to be part of something Fans will pay for closeness and specialProtect & build the brand

The Music BusinessThe old guard still owns the matrixCutting through the clutter requires workBuy-ons are a rip-offGear/Wheels are important and valuableStale happens very fast$10 minus $1 minus ??????Retail is a meaningless numberEverybody is in the data business

Final ThoughtsHard work does not guarantee success --- but less than your best does guarantee less successLuck matters --- and luck favors the preparedTiming matters --- to be right too soon is to be wrongSomeone else wants what you want The network effect is real --- and effectiveQuestions ?Doug CurlingNew Kent [email protected] (office)678-672-4016 (fax)