Dawn of sorrow

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Text of Dawn of sorrow

  • 1. Dawn of Sorrow

2. I'm lost in the emptiness of my sorrow,I feel nothing but the pain.
3. I've been broken down into nothing,I've got nothing to keep on going for.
4. My soul is suffocating;Crying and screaming behind my tightly locked lips.{I wont let her speak}
5. She bleeds black ink onto bright white pages,Begging for someone to see behind the excuse.{No one ever does}
6. I'm hurting,Yet if you ask me how I am,I promise to lie.{I'm fine}
7. I'm learning how to deal with this suffering,I'm fine with beingempty ,I'm okay with dying.{As long as it's all over soon}
8. There's nothing around me,It's the a b s e n c e of everything.
9. I'm a l o n e,There's n o t h i n g left of me.
10. Your words mean nothing to me,I've lost my will to care.{After all, it has only brought me pain}
11. Leave me,Let me drown in my s o r r o w.{Maybe then I might get some peace}
12. I don't wanna try anymore,The pain is too intense,And breathing is just too hard.{Inhale; Exhale; Inhale; Exhale; Inhale; Exhale;}
13. I might just be able to get a w a y,I might even get to die today.