Dawn of sorrow

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<ul><li> 1. Dawn of Sorrow<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. I'm lost in the emptiness of my sorrow,I feel nothing but the pain.<br /> 3. I've been broken down into nothing,I've got nothing to keep on going for.<br /> 4. My soul is suffocating;Crying and screaming behind my tightly locked lips.{I wont let her speak}<br /> 5. She bleeds black ink onto bright white pages,Begging for someone to see behind the excuse.{No one ever does}<br /> 6. I'm hurting,Yet if you ask me how I am,I promise to lie.{I'm fine}<br /> 7. I'm learning how to deal with this suffering,I'm fine with beingempty ,I'm okay with dying.{As long as it's all over soon}<br /> 8. There's nothing around me,It's the a b s e n c e of everything.<br /> 9. I'm a l o n e,There's n o t h i n g left of me.<br /> 10. Your words mean nothing to me,I've lost my will to care.{After all, it has only brought me pain}<br /> 11. Leave me,Let me drown in my s o r r o w.{Maybe then I might get some peace}<br /> 12. I don't wanna try anymore,The pain is too intense,And breathing is just too hard.{Inhale; Exhale; Inhale; Exhale; Inhale; Exhale;}<br /> 13. I might just be able to get a w a y,I might even get to die today.<br /></p>