Sorrow story of an innocent

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  1. 1. Feel the fear on 21st April, 2015 #sorrowthemovie
  2. 2. DIRECTED & WRITTEN BY Millie Loredo STARRING Vanessa Vasquez Andrew Sensenig Melissa Mars Eric Martinez Donny Boaz Mary Etuk
  3. 3. The film is about two serial killers who are on the lookout for killing people ruthlessly. This is their daily activities. Why they are doing it and what is the motive behind the killings. Are they psychos???
  4. 4. The story is based on true happenings. It is full of action thriller with terror, the suf victims, the mystery behind the killings, for revenging, horror and merciless killings. Every bit of the film is based on the above.
  5. 5. The two detectives who are investigating the killings collect the details of the killers. They follow Mila wherever she goes. When they came to investigate her in the hospital, she escapes from the hospital without answering any questions. Why Mila evaded two detectives and refused to take questions.
  6. 6. The dark side of the humanity and tells the audience in detail. How the person is handled ruthlessly without giving any food, water and the punishment. You require heavy heart to watch the movie.
  7. 7. Whatisthereasonbehindthekillings? EveryinchofthefilmislikeaHitchcock movie. Watchthemovietogettheresult.