Autism and Adolescence

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Tammy Burns: Autism and Adolescence Open Boston 2013

Text of Autism and Adolescence

  • AUTISM AND ADOLESCENCEThursday, February 7, 13
  • Troy Amber Jared Brett JacobThursday, February 7, 13My family -3 teens, 1 preteen daughter
  • AUTISMThursday, February 7, 13April 2000 - life took spiraling nose divecrazy # visits to docs, therapists, -ologists (not gynocologist)thing called autism entered our familylack of typical social skillsdevelopment of speech almost non-existent (18 months, no mama, dada, no words)in a way appeared deafDiagnosis rocked my worldRide home, suddenly overwhelmed with weight of my new realityout of body exper. - saw myself seated in front of doctor - nodding - trying to hear abovethe ROAR of emotions inside my headprognosis of never and alwaysmonths went by - better understanding of what doc had been sayingcrushed - dreams for my son stolennot something that was going to go away - lifelong diagnosis - 24 hours a day, everydayyear - one of lowest and darkest in my lifefound myself experiencing days - felt literally drowningbarely catching breath from yesterday, only to face another daySomething I didnt anticipate - but came to learn - increasingly difficult for our family to t inanywhere - belong to any type of communityplaygrounds, bday parties, school - didnt t innew reality - church became a luxurynothing else in life was like I thought - but surely God and His people would still be thereFor a while this is what my Sunday would look like -Get up and struggle to get Jared (and everyone else ready) little longer with child withdisabilitybut we do it - go to church - drop off my child15 min later asked to come and get him - cant handle him, dont have training for that, cantake him with you, maybe there is another churchAs a child of a childrens pastor - grew up in church - been a Jesus follower for many, many
  • DID YOU KNOW.... 1 in 5 people in the U.S. have a disabilityThursday, February 7, 1320%45 million peopleEveryone of those people come with a familyEstimate that 95% of people with disabilities are unchurched
  • IN FAMILIES AFFECTED BY DISABILITIES High divorce rate Extra nancial stress Sibling issues Networking is essential Child-sitters are a life-saver Nightmare = Who will take care of / love my child if something happens to me?Thursday, February 7, 131 - maybe as high as 85%lots of single parents2 - not covered by insurance3 - difficult time adjust / belonging4 - in order to feel you are not aloneDoes God / Scripture address this at all?
  • You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourself with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.Thursday, February 7, 13In Galatians 3 - Paul saysPaul saying - no one is left out of the GospelRacial, economic, gender barriers and ALL other inequalities SHOULD NOT exist in thekingdom J came to usher inCentral part of Good newsWhat about Jesus?
  • Then Jesus said to his host, When you give a luncheon or dinner, do not invite your friends, your brothers or sisters, your relatives, or your rich neighbors; if you do, they may invite you back and so you will be repaid. But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous. Luke 14:12Thursday, February 7, 13Luke 14:12A reading of the gospel accounts of J, puts center stage - ordinary people, poor people,disreputable people, and disabled peopleNever to embarrass or shame - never as a spectacle. Compassionate - not condescendingReligious people were bothered that J spent time with those peopleJ over and over again chooses to spend time with those that religion shuns
  • When you give a party...... = Kingdom of God What is it that keeps our churches / youth ministries from looking like the Kingdom that Jesus came to usher in?Thursday, February 7, 13What would our churches / our youth ministries look like if we took these words of Jesusliterally?What is keeping our youth ministries from looking like the Kingdom Jesus came to usher in?
  • AUTISM A brain disorder that affects a persons ability to: communicate, reason, interact with others.Thursday, February 7, 13
  • Thursday, February 7, 13A is a spectrum disorder - that affects individuals differently.The characteristics of autism can present themselves in a wide variety of combosfrom mild to severe - very differentincludes autism, aspergers, childhood disintegrative disorder, retts disorder, pdd (pdd-nos)Met one person with autism - you met one person with autism
  • AUTISM Affects 1 in 88 people in the US Affects 1 in 54 boys in the USThursday, February 7, 13According to the latest numbers from the CDCFastest growing developmental (present at birth) disability4 to 5 times more common in boys
  • AUTISM 1/3 of children with autism develop seizures by adolescence Only 56% of students with autism complete high schoolThursday, February 7, 13
  • AUTISM Autism knows NO racial, ethnic or social boundaries. Family income, lifestyle and educational levels do not affect the chance of autisms occurrence. The incidence of autism is consistent around the globe.Thursday, February 7, 13
  • AUTISM There is NO CURE for autism.Thursday, February 7, 13
  • COMMON TEENAGE CHARACTERISTICS OF AUTISM Language Difculty Having little or no friends Stimming Behavior struggles Need for a Rigid Schedule Preoccupation with one topicThursday, February 7, 13Language spectrum -some never speak, noises, sign language, communication device, ipad apps, pix symbols,speech)voice volume, rhythm, intonation may be differentnot able to read in headmay be overly honest in what they say (Jack music) - bad breath, ugly sweater - no ltervery concrete language2 responses (isolation or plow right in the middle)because analyzing persons face and body language is difficult - causes friendship problems- cant read common social cues - space issuesdifficulty with eye contact - may appear to be ignoring when you talk to themdescribes repetitive behaviors that teens with autism will do to soothe themselves -see in stressful situations to CALMrocking, tapping table of objects, rubbing an object -- sense of controlimportant to recognize - hitting table may indicate stress not trying to be obnoxiousTeens going through lots of changes and range of emotions - most teens have difficultymanaging theseGet overstimulated - over excited - over anxious may act outcry, scream, hit, laugh uncontrollably - teen equivalent to temper tantrum (Im tired dontknow how to express) Im stressed out and dont know how to expressmany cant communicate emotions like anger, frustration, hurt in socially acceptable ways -so end up expressing themselves in socially inappropriate waysIf seems directed at you - dont take it personalWorld that doesnt function like they do - chaos - looking for controlLike to do things exactly the same way at the same time each dayWill not / can not make spontaneous decisions regarding their scheduleuncomfortable with sudden changesChanges to routine and schedule source of stress that could lead to acting outoften amazed by one particular subject
  • HOW DOES IT LOOK? 1. Full Inclusion 2. Reverse Inclusion 3. Self - Contained 4. Para-church organizations (i.e. Young Life Capernaum)Thursday, February 7, 131 - completely integrated in whatever there is for their age group, may have support2 - separate space, bring those with disabilities (neurotypical) in to space with them, mayhave support3 - self-contained = only those with disabilities and leader/support4 - para church = YL CapernaumCan have varietyDo need more volunteers to help support (pull different source)AND great way for teens to serve others - go beyond consumerism and gain so much more
  • HELPFUL TOOLS 1. iPad / iPod 2. Clipboard 3. Fidget Toys 4. Visual SchedulesT