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Esri Maps for SharePoint is a free download that lets you quickly and easily map your SharePoint data and see it in a different way. Built on the Microsoft Silverlight platform, Esri Maps for SharePoint can add spatial information into an organizations enterprise Microsoft SharePoint Web site Understand and communicate relationships and patterns visually through dynamic maps. Analyze regions or points and enrich your organizational data with demographics and lifestyle data to get an even more comprehensive view. The presentation begins with an overview of how the ArcGIS Map Web Part integrates into a SharePoint Web site. Attendees will then learn how to design a SharePoint Web site that contains geospatial data from SharePoint lists. The seminar will conclude by examining how to take address information in Microsoft Excel and Word documents and display them on a map in SharePoint. This presentation comes to us courtesy of Mike Gregotski, Technical Marketing Lead at Esri Canada


  • 1.Esri Maps for SharePoint Mike Gregotski Thursday, April 17, 2014

2. Esri Maps for SharePoint Geo-enable SharePoint with Esris mapping platform 3. Esri Map for SharePoint Core capabilities 4. Esri Maps for SharePoint Geo-enables SharePoint with five primary components 1) Esri Maps Locate Workflow 2) Esri Maps Location Field 3) ArcGIS & Esri Maps Web Part 4) Esri Maps Connect Workflow 5) ArcGIS Platform ArcGIS Online SharePoint 2010 and 2013 5. Spatially Enable and Enrich Add location to SharePoint lists and SQL Server tables based on addresses, place names and boundaries Enrich your SharePoint and SQL Server data with location-based information SharePoint data Point layer Area layer 6. Integration with ArcGIS Online 7. Demonstration Example ArcGIS & Esri Maps Web Part sites Scenario Location workflow Creating sites with the Esri Maps Web Part Sharing data from SharePoint Resources Esri Maps for SharePoint community > 8. Contact Blaine Castle (Account Manager) for further details Esri Canada 702 Fort Street, Suite 300 Victoria, BC Tel: 250-383-8330 x7502


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