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Download Link : Dark Souls 2 brings the franchises renowned difficulty & gripping gameplay innovations to both single and multiplayer experiences. Dark Souls 2 FREE Download: Dark Souls 2, in my opinion, is one of the best games of this decade and all time. I didn't get a chance to play the first one due to the problems of the PC port, but I assume it's much of the same. You could tell that the developers put SO MUCH work into this game, it is wonderfully complex, and not in a stupid way. I love that everything is about learning and getting better, and not about getting better gear as it is in every other RPG game. You have to be smart and always careful. Also, I love the level of little details like being able to use weapons in 1 or 2 hands, different weapons having VASTLY different playstyles and uses, the effects of gear on your roll speed, the effects of gear weight, etc. There is just so many little variables for you to play with and learn and customize in the way that you want. The leveling system is also unique in that you level through souls rather than experience, and gives you a great amount of customization. And of course the best feeling about a game is when you fail over and over (but knowing that it is your fault) and then finally succeeding. I would close by saying that DS2 is the first time in about a decade that I felt truly passionate about gaming again. Sure there were good games along the way like Mass Effect and The Witcher, but DS2 is on another level - it's like how I felt playing games like Diablo 2 or World of Warcraft for the first time. I put in 13 hours in the first day, despite dying probably 50 times just on the beginning part, because the game is that good. Download Link : More keywords related to Dark Souls: dark souls 2 dark souls wiki play station 3 darkobit dark souls ii dark souls pc dark souls mods dark souls wikidot dark souls bosses dark souls armor dark souls miracles dark souls humanity dark souls gameplay dark souls reddit dark souls 2 collectors edition dark souls catacombs dark souls achievements dark souls poise dark souls xbox 360 darksoul dark souls rings dark souls attunement claymore dark souls dark souls embers dark souls shields dark souls trailer dark souls sorceries dark souls covenant patches dark souls dark souls planner Download Link :


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2. Introduction The purpose of this guide is a quick start with some explanation on how to get the PC version of Dark Souls up to scratch for the player. Before it was released, Dark Souls' developers said the PC version of Dark Souls would be bare bones basic and would have zero optimisation for the PC / Windows audience as they aren't experienced in developing games for this platform. After 13 minutes the fan-patch named DSFix fixed all major problems with the title and continued to be updated allowing a similar customisability that even most PC games lack these days. I have published this guide to help any new players, I will try to expand on it whenever more should be known. 3. DSFix - How to adjust/fix resolution and rendering The most essential modification that you need for Dark Souls is DSfix. It allows you to adjust your resolution, rendering quality and other things such as FPS limiting and your user interface. 4. 1) Default settings, 1024x720 render resolution @ 1920x1080. 5. 2) 1920x1080 render resolution @1920x1080, 1080 ,dof setting, no smaa 6. Information about the modification from the DSfix developer, Durante: How do I use it? Extract the files into the game's "DATA" directory. (The place where DARKSOULS.exe is) You can open DSfix.ini with a text editor to adjust the desired internal resolution. Will it work? [...] I can not and will not guarantee that it will work for anyone else, or not have any adverse effect on your game/computer. Use at your own risk! If you encounter any issues that seem like they could be caused by DSfix, let me know. Will it cause performance problems? That depends on your system configuration. Usually, performance scales rather linearly with framebuffer size, and so far this game does not seem different. My 660 maintained a locked 30 FPS throughout ~ 1/2 hour of testing in the starting area of the game at 2560x1440. 7. Keyboard and Mouse Issues Instructions: The default KB M controls are difficult to use. Consider this a salve for what ails you. To install: This is intended to be used with DSfix. After installing DSfix... In DSfix.ini, find this line: dinput8dllWrapper none Make it look like this line: dinput8dllWrapper dsmfix.dll Then, unzip; place all dsmfix* files in the DATA directory (~Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonDark Souls Prepare to Die EditionDATA). Finally, open dsmfixgui.exe and make the desired adjustments (mouse over an option for relevant tooltips); or, edit dsmfix.ini by hand. 8. Use number keys as keybinds 1) Open up your DarkSouls.ini located at Users(Your Windows Username)AppDataLocalNBGIDarkSouls 2) Find the action you want to rebind 3) Replace the numbers with a corresponding. Keyboard key = Function '1' = 49 '2' = 50 '3' = 51 '4' = 52 '5' = 53 '6' = 54 '7' = 55 '8' = 56 '9' = 57 '0' = 48 4) Save 9. How to bind To create the following binds using '1' for main weapon, '2' for secondary, '3' for spells' and '4' for items, it would be: [KeyConfigEquip] ChangeRightWep = 49 ChangeLeftWep = 50 ChangeGoods = 52 ChangeMagic = 51 10. Controller Issues Sony Controller If you're using a Dualshock I suggest using PCSX2 and the XInput Wrapper for DS3 and USB Dual DS2 Controller Third Party Controller If you're using another third party controller try x360ce Windows/Xbox Controller If you're using a supported controller such as the wired or wireless Windows/Xbox Controller, I suggest uninstalling and re- installing any drivers for them. 11. Changing Button Icons You need DSFix. You can modify the controller icons in-game using the mods provided here by searching for "interface" or "buttons" mods. For example; you can download Playstation icons to replace the in-game Xbox 360 set. The installation is normally popping the files into your "DATAdsfixtex_override" folder and enabling texture overriding 12. Crash Fixing Dark Souls crashes referencing vsfilter.dll Players have reported that renaming vsfilter.dll fixs this problem. Warning: Naturally changing a DLL may cause other programs to not work. Dark Souls crashes and has a reference to XLive.dll Ensure the Windows Live Sign-In Assistant is started. This should typically set to automatic, but it is required to log in to Live. You can find its status in the Services utility. Can't install or run (Games For) Windows Live If you have problems while trying to open GFWL after this was installed because you are not able to successfully install "Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant": Click Start Run and execute "%SYSTEMROOT%SYSTEM32REGSVR32.EXE %SYSTEMROOT%SYSTEM32WUAUENG.DLL" This will allow assistant to get installed correctly. Dark Souls crashes after the intro or endings Rename the "movWW" folder in "SteamSteamAppscommonDark Souls Prepare to Die EditionDATA". 13. Windows 8 - Games for Windows Live Fix TO BE UPDATED, CHECK COMMENTS Update your GFWL client. Alternative Fix 1) Download and extract DarkSoulsWin8Fix. 2) Run gfwlivesetupmin.exe. 3) Run Games For Windows Live and update. 4) Close the program. 5) Run and setup gfwlivesetup.exe. 6) Copy Xlive.dll to %windir%system32 7) Run the Games For Windows Live application. 8) Run Dark Souls. Steam compatibility with Games for Windows Live 1) Uninstall Microsoft Games for Windows LIVE Redistributable. 2) Uninstall Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace. 3) Install the free version of Microsoft Flight through Steam (MS Flight will solve GFWL compatibility, believe it or not). 4) Download this version of gfwlivesetup - 5) Uncheck compatibility mode. 6) Go to steamappsCommonDark SoulsDATA. 7) right click DATA.exe and go to properties. 8) Go to compatibility tab and uncheck "Run as Administrator". Click Apply. 14. AMD / ATI Performance Fix PhilDogTheMan from the steam forums published the following information on how to fix the performance issues on AMD/ATI graphics cards. Back-up Your Saves Automative save back-ups require versions of DSfix that support save file back-ups. DSfix provides (if you enable it) a "Time Machine" of 10 save game backups from the past, spaced 25 minutes apart. It's the only defense against corrupted save games, or hackers who can ruin your save file. 1) Open DSfix.ini with a text editor 2) Find/change enableBackups from 0 to 1 3) (Optional) Find/change backupInterval from 1500 to 600 so backups are 10 min. apart 4) Save DSfix.ini 5) Play. Backups are in Users(Your Windows Username)NBGIDarkSouls and your current save is DRAKS0005.sl2 (quit to title and rename backups to "DRAKS0005.sl2" to activate) 15. Multiplayer - Adjust and be aware to maximise your Dark Souls experience Install the Dark Souls Connectivity Fix 1. Install DSfix by Durante if you haven't done so already. 2. Download DSCfix and extract the files into your Dark Souls DATA directory (where DARKSOULS.exe is - for example: "SteamsteamappscommonDark Souls Prepare to Die EditionDATA") 3. Open up DSfix.ini and search for the following line: dinput8dllWrapper none 4. Replace it with: dinput8dllWrapper dscfix.dll 5. Boot up Dark Souls, have a Windows Live friend also using DSCfix place a sign and/or invade you. You have to use humanity so you can be in human form to request help (via summoning), but this comes with the risk of being invaded. You can lay down your white soapstone sign even when you're hollow, if you help someone kill a boss you get humanity points. 16. Important Notes If you're having trouble with connecting to Windows Live try opening these ports: TCP port 80 UDP & TCP port 3074 UDP port 88 UDP & TCP port 53 TCP port 443 DO NOT KILL INGWARD (New Londo sealer) IN NG+ MODE. He will not drop the Key to the Seal. Recent versions of DSFix may impact your performance, please consider downgrading your DSFix until you find the version that is right for you. 17. Game Tips Read orange soapstone signs. Press select on them and up-vote if they're handy or entertain you. Take things slow, look around. If you can, upgrade your weapons & armour before you increase your Soul Level stats. You'll find a blacksmith for this at one point. Endurance is important, it allows you to perform more actions before stamina fatigue (40 endurance is stamina cap) and raises your equipment load, so you can use heavier weapons and armour without sacrificing your character's speed. You can equip a spell with 10 attunement, pyromancy doesn't require you to invest in intelligence or faith points. Consider taking the pendant as your starting gift. If you find a broken pendant, you may want to check a lake in a basin, maybe twice, maybe three times if you've never seen one. Play how you like. Don't look up walkthrough guides unless you're very stuck, you can beat the game with anything you want. I like to see creativity, so impress me. Don't worry too much about your first character's build and stats, experiment and learn from any mistakes you come across. If you want to make more characters, but don't have enough save slots, navigate to Users(Your Windows Username)DocumentsNBGIDarkSouls and make a backup copy of the folder using copy & paste. Open Dark Souls, delete existing characters and make a new character. To use your old save, do the same thing again but re-name both folders to what file you want to use. I suggest making a txt file detailing the characters for each save in their respective folders. 18. FREE DOWNLOAD Follow Link in the description Now


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