The Social Check-up: how pharma companies are using social media to engage their audiences

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September 2016Audience IntelligenceWE INVESTIGATED How to address the balance between created and curated content? What forms of content are proving most popular with pharma audiences? What use is content without engagement? What does the future hold for pharma and social media?THE TOP 20 PHARMA COMPANIES57 SOCIAL NETWORK PROFILESacrossforDATA FROM FIRST HALF OF 2016PHARMA SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNITY SIZE2,184,601 1,520,745 59,606 31,304168,046 76,037 3,311 5,217Subscribex13 x20 x18 x6PAGE LIKES SUBSCRIBERSFOLLOWERS FOLLOWERSAVERAGETOTALPHARMA SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELSWHAT IS THE CORPORATE PHARMA SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNITY?HOW OFTEN DOES PHARMA POST?264(nearly 4 times a day)71AVERAGE WEEKLY POSTS100203019%25%13%2%8%3%29%27%12%12% 9%1% Video & link1% GIF38%Link PostImageImage & linkTextVideoCongressCorporate(company news)Corporate socialresponsibility (CSR)DiseaseawarenessPharma industry newsProduct and research updatesOtherCONTENT THEMESDISEASE AWARENESS WAS THE MOST FREQUENTLY SHARED CONTENT...CONTENT THEME DISTRIBUTION (%)3020100AVERAGE ENGAGEMENT RATE2. awarenessCorporate (company news)Congress Corporate social responsibilityProduct and research updatesOther Pharma industry news... BUT OTHER CONTENT THEMES RECEIVED HIGHER ENGAGEMENT!220K200K180K160K140K120K100K80K60K40K20K0KENGAGEMENT SCORENO. OF POSTS0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 12001100 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700AVERAGEAVERAGETeva Gilead Sciences AstellasAstraZenecaSanofiAbbvie BayerAmgenJ&JNovartisBMSBoehringer IngelheimNovo NordiskRocheGSKPfizer LillyMerckTakedaAllerganSize of bubble = size of social communityEngagement score = a weighted score of likes x1 + comments x2 + shares and retweets x5THE COMPANIES POSTING THE MOST DID NOT NECESSARILY RECEIVE THE MOST ENGAGEMENTWE BELIEVE PHARMA NEEDS TO... Develop strategic approaches that encourage a two-way conversation, engaging and inspiring audiences to retweet, share and comment Develop a greater understanding of their social audiences, so they know how to maintain engagement, whilst simultaneously attracting new followers Put engagement at the heart of communications strategies, using tactics such as paid social to target and reach relevant audiences Consider a healthy balance of created, curated and co-created content, developed with their audiences in mind Understand what interests audiences, and how different content types can drive different types of engagementINTERESTED IN THE FULL REPORT?To request the full report or to speak with Ogilvy Healthworld about your social presence, please contact TheSocialCheckup@ogilvy.comCurious to hear how you can benefit from data driven insights using Pulsar? Please contact HEALTHWORLDREBECCA CANVIN Social DirectorRICK EVANS Digital StrategistCHELSEY TOMS Account ManagerPHILIPPA MCCLURE Senior Account ManagerPULSARGIUSEPPE POLIMENO Head of Digital ResearchSAMEER SHAH Research ManagerMEET THE TEAMAudience Intelligence