Social Customer Experience - SXSWi 2014

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Presentation delivered at SXSWi 2014 on the topic of Social Customer Experience.


  • 1.Social Customer ExperienceDave Evans VP, Social Strategy Joe Cothrel Chief Community Officer

2. how does the purchase funnel be aware consider buyLithium Confidential 3. connect with social and customer care? social objects, graph, and interactionsbe awaretalkconsiderform opinion buy use social mediacustomer care now is an advocacy engine Lithium Confidential 4. the social web runs on conversations social web relevanceawarenesspurchaseconsiderationrelatecontenttrypurchase funnelimpactshareIt takes money to drive the purchase funnel. It takes a positive experience to drive beneficial conversations. Long-term, conversations always win. Lithium Confidential 5. markets are conversations marketer-generatedconsumer-generated(think funnel)(think megaphone)word -ofmouthLithium Confidential 6. printbenefits of digital hubs TVradioOwnedSocialnow using weretoacross Brands are networks social plug-ins But engagement expands first hubs The media delivered via digital relationship moved social engagement and touchpoints,relationship withtools. fans. tois providesincluding mobiletheir POS. appsused asengagement capability. ownas networks were redefined as the reach and acquisition displayPOS search .COM .COM owned mediamobile site engagementreach strategySource: Forrester. Interactive Brand Ecosystem, Nate Elliott, 2011LithiumConfidential 7. social platform: ecosystem design customer recordsCRM systempurchaseconsiderlisteningmarketing intelligence matching prioritization workgroups routingexpert engagement KB automation agent engagementawareness knowledge stores communities and innovation platformsLithium Confidential 8. unified social customer experience customer outreachmarketing Lithium Confidential 9. social channels work better together 350kAugmented community program with off-domain engagement175k0social traffic (off domain)community registrations (on domain) Month 5Month 11Lithium Confidential 10. the connected workforce conversations built around positive customer experiences customer care and marketing work together, across channels to delight customersoperationsmarketingrobust process management agent roles and goals (SLAs)defined by business objectives detailed metrics support continuous improvementLithium Confidential 11. the payoff? build advocacy, improve sales. advocacyideas: innovationloyaltysatisfactionsales: assistance at purchasecustomer support: immediate need for helpLithium Confidential 12. Social Customer ExperienceDave Evans VP, Social Strategy Joe Cothrel Chief Community Officer