How to Create Your Profile on Countable

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What is it and how do I update it?NEW FEATURES ALERT! FOLLOW THESE 4 SIMPLE STEPS TO SET UP YOUR PROFILE. Create a public profile with the username of your choice: your real name, or not.

You can still vote privately. But now you can explain why you voted yea or nay on a bill and share it with the public. # Click on your My Votes tab and take a gander at the new setup. 1Add a profile pictureAdd a unique usernameAdd a brief bio about yourself

ABCABC# Click on Edit Settings under your name in the top right corner.2Add links to everything you want to share with the Countable community!


Get voting!3Vote on billsAdd your opinion to explain your vote Votes are private (between you and your lawmaker) until you add an opinion. Once you save an opinion, it will be added to your public profile. Votes with an opinion are public!

To make your vote private again, just delete the text of your opinion.AABB#

Click over to My Votes and admire your new Public Profile Page.4Share your public URL with your friends, family, coworkers, fellow Countablers and your representatives. AA#DONEYou're done! Keep voting, you democratic devotee, you.


Stay tuned for even more new features from your team at Countable