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  2. 2. Its no secret that we have a digital econ- omy based on a digital world. A world consumed with endless hours of texting, Facebook and Instagram. If you havent yet joined the social media train, its time to get onboard. Like it or not, social media is here to stay and those who learn to use it have effec- tively strengthened their network market- ing business exponentially. In fact, more than 95% of marketers are using social media outlets as a primary vehicle for communicating with their audiences re- garding products and services. Why? Its instant, its concise, and it reaches a broad and varied audience quickly. If you are not using social media properly, you are missing out on a tremendous opportu- nity. For network marketers, social media marketing is not only a means for commu- nicating with your existing team but also as a source of lead generation. Traditional advertising is a thing of the past. Today, YOU are the advertisement. Never in the history of marketing has refer- rals or recommendations meant as much as they do today. People trust the opinions and recommendations from friends and family and today social media is the vehi- cle. Social media provides the platform for increasing engagement with both people you already know and taking your mes- sage viral through the sentiments of these same people.
  3. 3. 3 | 8DubLi Network | 2016.07.19 What you post is just as important as how frequently Dont do or say anything on a social media post that you wouldnt say if you were face-to-face with someone Your posts must be as inspirational as they are engaging. You must learn how to com- plement your personal posts with those about your DubLi Network business. All work and no play, makes John a dull boy. People still want to read about your person- al life, thus, the term friends and likes, Remember, network marketing is about win-win relationships so keep your integ- rity, manners, and dignity high. Of course, we encourage lots of humor as long as its but that doesnt mean you cant use your personal experience to showcase your suc- cess in business. It bears mentioning, while social media is fun and allows us to stay in touch, it can also be quite damaging to your business if not used properly as shared posts can live on the Internet forever. politically correct. In any new relationship, you must get to know someone first so be mindful about being too promotional too soon.
  4. 4. DubLi Network | 2016.07.194 | 8 If your social media audience or follow- ers are interested or engaged, they will let you know. Share your knowledge, your interests and add value to peoples lives. Also, remember that relationships are mutually rewarding and based on give and take. Dont expect people to engage with you if you are not engaging with them. Acknowledge, recognize, like andshare other peoples posts that you enjoy, and they will likely do the same in return. The way to ensure better visibility of your posts is to make certain your followers are reading, engaging and sharing your posts. Passive followers no longer matter. Your followers must take an action on your posts in order for you to be seen and heard. Use social media to become acquainted with before you turn on your selling engine With the recent updates to Facebooks algorithm, not everyone will see your posts just as you wont see theirs
  5. 5. 5 | 8DubLi Network | 2016.07.19 Keep in mind, you cant be all things to all people so choose two or three outlets and maxi- mize these channels. Prioritize so you get more out of your day. Network marketing is still a busi- ness based on relationships, and if you spread yourself too thin, you will be unable to maintain each outlet with diligence. Create personas for the types of people you would like to at- tract as partners in your busi- ness and then engage on those channels where those personas spend the most time. Chances are you are not going to find too many moms posting videos to YouTube, so focus on targeting where your potential partners live. Be consistent and com- mitted to your business priori- ties. For example, we would not expect a DubLi Network Busi- ness Associate to upload pho- tos of them at their local mall as it directly conflicts with the business they are trying to pro- moteonline shopping. It is possible to spread yourself too thin with social media Set realistic and achievable goals for remaining active and thoughtful on your social media outlets
  6. 6. At the beginning of each week or each month, create a calendar of business-re- lated social media posts to include in ad- dition to your personal posts. This will pre- vent you wasting time trying to think of new ideas on a daily basis. For DubLi Network, there are a myriad of topics to focus on but make sure to focus on the product first, i.e. Cash Back, online shopping. If you are trying to promote to your team that you are serious about knowledge and education, share with them the latest book you read or the online course you are taking, i.e. prac- tice what you preach. Al- most daily, DubLi Network posts inspirational quotes by world leaders. Share these posts on your own page as a means for mo- tivating people and show- ing them where your head is. People appreciate pos- itive reinforcement and will likely follow the leader. Create a calendar of busi- ness-related social media posts Be sure to always portray how you want people to see you DubLi.com is an outstanding product that speaks for itself and offers consumers, re- gardless of where in the world they live, a valuable opportunity to save money for themselves and their families. Dont focus on the business opportunity initially. Let your followers engage with the product and, when they use it, they will come back to you for more information.
  7. 7. Think about the key messages you wish to communicate with your au- dience and spread them over the course of the month, so they are not too repetitive but more so add value to your mission. Whatever you do, dont spend too much time on social media. If you are spend- ing too much time posting and chatting, you will likely have time for little else, i.e. building your Dub- Li Network business. Most impor- tantly, keep your content fresh, new and inspiring. Be sure to always recognize new team members and have them share why they joined, how they are using the product, and share the love. Recognition goes a long way towards building relation- ships, and an attitude of gratitude is encouraged toward building life- long partnerships and relationships. Proper planning prevents procrastination
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