9 inspiring quotes about PR and social media

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9 inspiring quotes about PR and social media chosen from select parts of the book "Share this too. More social media solutions for PR professionals" created by Chartered Institute of Public Relations and edited by R. Brown and S. Waddington.


<ul><li> 1. #LookingForInspiration9 inspiring quotesabout PR and social mediasource:Share this too. More social media solutions for PR professionalsedited by R. Brown and S. Waddington</li></ul> <p> 2. 1.I believe that the discipline of PR is in a process of rapidevolution.() There are new skills to learn ()One of these skills is the ability to read and interpret webanalytics. The data may be more complex, but itsincreasingly easy to access and gain insight from. Many webservices and social networks have easy-to-use built-in inanalytics.Every PR person should have at least working knowledge ofhow to gather insight and information this way.Rob Brown@robbrown 3. 2.Social media content should always have a clear purpose, bethat to inform, entertain or inspire.Before embarking on social media programme, brands shouldconsider carefully what outcomes they are seeking to achieve.Are they attempting to gain insight, elicit a response, or drivetraffic, whether online or in-store?By being explicit about what their social media content istrying to achieve, they are better placed to set clear,measurable goals that can act as a benchmark for futureactivity.Dom Burch@domburch 4. 3.In the age of shareable always on communications,brands are being urged to become publishers and use contentmore effectively to deliver business benefit. () Acting like amedia company and producing content that people want toread, watch or listen to, is very different from producingcontent you want people to read the difference betweenpublishing and advertisingRobin Wilson@robin1966 5. 4.PR is a more complex process than previously and thelandscape of potential influencers you will have to engagewith has become more complex. The place to start andaddress this challenge through rethinking how we doplanning. This has been broken down into three sections:Insights to better understand audience behavior andopinionsInfluence to understand who are the most powerfulconversationalists on social platformsMessaging to sense check the language that an organizationuses in its Communications.Ged Caroll@r_c 6. 5.Remember that you cannot control other peoples behavioron the internet, but you can set the environment and you caninfluence it. Get that right and the unsociable side of socialnetworking becomes an occasional annoyance rather thana serious problem.Dr Mark Pack@markpack 7. 6.In the world where distinctions between work and leisuretime are increasingly blurred, creating rich game experienceshas enormous potential to build engagement betweenorganizations and audiences. Gamification is not a singlestrategy or toolbox, but rather taking inspiration fromsuccessful game design in order to create campaigns whichinvite greater participation and engagement.Sharon ODea@sharonodea 8. 7.Digital culture is now a filter culture. () We are all contentcurators. () However, content curation isnt just aboutcollecting links and saving them, it is about providing contextto the reasoning as to why one article is of higher importancethen another. A content curator as a result becomes theknowledge source and the go-to person on that particularsubject.Michael Litman@mlitman 9. 8.If the old adage is to be believed, todays web has got enough forteam of travelling encyclopedia salesmen. If web 1.0 wascharacterized by copy, images are now the king of onlinecontent with millions being tagged, tweeted and tumbledeach and every second. () But could the infographic bethe new press release? Well, yes it could.Dan Tyte@dantyte 10. 9.Digital PR is dead because all PR is digital.Rob Brown@robbrown 11. http://www.qacommunications.comhttps://twitter.com/QACommshttps://www.facebook.com/QACommunications </p>