10 things I learned about working in digital

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I learned about working in digital


This is nota talk aboutMust work without soundMobile friendly (ie square for vertical viewing)Readable text60-90 secondsWork on multi-platforms (reversionable)Replicable

But it is about tips from Digital people in a digital world http://www.bfi.org.uk/films-tv-people/sites/bfi.org.uk.films-tv-people/files/styles/gallery_full/public/bfi_stills/bfi-00n-96t.jpg?itok=zGcz2gv3

Whos who


Dont be afraid to communicate with your competitors

1. You must have good leadership

someone who will interrogate your wild and crazy ideas (allow you creative freedom but keep you on track) and support you (because people usually complain about whats different). Also, get a mentor.

2. Build the best teamYou need to have a team that live and breathe digital.

Look for the people who agitate, who arent satisfied with the status quo. Dont go for the safe people. Go for what seth godin calls the linchpinsThat means you need to get people who are younger, untainted, with crazy ideas with someone senior who gets it and shepherds it Hire A players

It's going to be difficult to convince people that social/digital really matters

3. If you are site based


4. If everyone is doing itdoesnt mean you should too

Channel 4 distinction taking longer form storytelling (content that works) and making it a vs pumping out video with captions

i.e. Dont try to be Buzzfeed

Be brave, be bold. Everyone is looking to everyone else for direction

Be yourself.What is it that you do best?

5. Skip the obviousEveryone is doing food and doing it in the same way.

unless youre cooking drugs or something that is exciting, dont do it @carol_olona

6. Best fr1endNum8er5 are y0ur

Not the pr numbers but those that help you advance your product. They need to be built into the newsroom/editorial process

But many people still dont care about data

Knowledge > assumption4. Audience. Know what they want and what works

7. Build Bridges

Be brave, be bold. Everyone is looking to everyone else for direction

Be yourself.What is it that you do best?

8. Give digital loveIts not enough just to publish. Every item needs to be optimized for each platform.

Each platform needs to be nurtured. Its not a bad thing to develop expertise.Eg. thats how AJ+ became so good, by having specialists on platform and similarly until recently having YT swat team @ BBC

Produce it for yourself first. If youre not interested, your audience wont be either. @mghbbc

Techno fearFear of being differentFear of breaking the rulesFear of experimenting Fear of talking to competitors(or just laziness)

Place your screenshot here9. There is still a lot of fear

10. Always experimentTry different apps, different formats + get to know your data.

If you are working in the digital space, it is constantly evolving which means you need to too. No one knows what they are doing. 200 different apps example. But by experimenting we found apps that dont support right to left text and other various bugs that just dont apply to non latin alphabet

Digital is no different, apply your journalism skills. Its just a different format.Itsstill journalism

ps. No one knows what theyre doing

Special thanks to all the people who made and released these resources for free:Presentation template by SlidesCarnivalPhotographs by Unsplash & Death to the Stock Photo (license)

Dance, the old fashioned way

And of course