Shattering small business insurance myths

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Shattering small business insurance myths.


There are a lot of myths about insuring a small business.

and were about to shatter them.


My home-based business is covered under my home policy.

MYTH1Most homeowner policies either dont cover business-related damage/loss or dont provide adequate coverage.Whats not covered:

If you stock product on premisesIf you use expensive equipment If youre sued by a customer/supplier. If youre sued by a courier delivering a business package or a customer who was injured by crafts or jewelry that you sell.


I dont need liability coverage because I work from home.


Liability is actually the greatest risk to your home business. Always maximize your liability coverage it can literally save your business. General liability coverage covers injuries to customers, suppliers, employees or visitors to your property. It also covers you/your staff if youre conducting business off-site. Always maximize your liability coverage!


My auto insurance will cover any business-related items I keep in my car.


Personal auto insurance doesnt cover work-related items that are stolen or damaged while in your vehicle. A commercial auto policy will protect you from business-related property losses and certain liabilities.


My business is too small to require commercial insurance.


Your business is too small NOT to have commercial insurance. The smaller your business, the bigger the financial impact could be if youre sued or experience a loss thats not covered by home insurance.


If I get sued, I can just shut down my business!


Closing your business will not necessarily protect you from a lawsuit. Courts tend not to care whether or not a business is currently operational. In a worst-case scenario, you could be required to cover settlements or judgments from your personal assets.


Business insurance is expensive!


Its more affordable than you think. Go with an insurance provider that specializes in small business and offers flexible payment options.


Partner with an insurance provider who will work with you to create a customized solution, and will take the time to review your policy as your business changes and grows.Want to know more? Call us at 1.844.429.9480 or Request A Quote


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Of course, Id be thrilled if you decided to get your insurance through TruShield (and so would my boss) but more than anything, I hope that your biggest takeaway here is that, even though you run a home-based business, you do need business insurance.

Id be happy to take any questions now or if youre feeling shy, feel free to come and find me and Ill do my best to answer any questions you might have.

We also have a website where you can find more information about TruShield, our insurance solutions and helpful tips on our blog.10