Shattering the Myths

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Shattering the Myths . What you can Achieve with a Humanities Degree. About Deloitte Opportunities for Students with a Humanities Degree Application Process. About Deloitte. Our destination: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Shattering the Myths.What you can Achieve with a Humanities Degree.</p><p> 2008 Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP. Private and confidential</p><p>About Deloitte</p><p>Opportunities for Students with a Humanities Degree</p><p>Application Process</p><p> 2008 Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP. Private and confidential</p><p>About DeloitteOur destination:</p><p> To be recognised as the pre-eminent and most trusted professional services firm, famous for the calibre of our people and respected for the exceptional quality of our work. </p><p> 2008 Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP. Private and confidential</p><p>About DeloitteOur People</p><p> Goal Deloitte will be the number one firm for career and personal development, where the most talented people can do their best work, progress quickly and fulfil their potential, whatever their background</p><p> 2008 Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP. Private and confidential</p><p>About DeloitteThe UKs fastest growing Professional Service Firm</p><p>Recruits into 21 Offices in the UK with over 11,000 staff and 640 Partners</p><p>Offices in 140 countries with 150,00 staff globally</p><p>Our clients are amongst the UKs largest and best known companies (FTSE 100 and 250)</p><p>Substantial Community Investment Programme</p><p>Integration of Consulting - unique brand of Deloitte</p><p> 2008 Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP. Private and confidential</p><p>About DeloitteOur People</p><p>Talent Managing Partner on Executive </p><p>Staff Survey</p><p>Profit Sharing and awards schemes</p><p>Flexible benefits</p><p>Training and technology</p><p> 2008 Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP. Private and confidential</p><p>About DeloitteClient Wins</p><p>ChanelTfLFitness FirstFormula 1BBCBritvicUEFAVodafone </p><p> 2008 Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP. Private and confidential</p><p> I cant apply to Deloitte for a graduate job because I dont have a finance or business related degree Deloitte does not specify a particular degree for the majority of its service lines.</p><p> Deloitte actively seeks to attract students from a wide variety of backgrounds.</p><p> Many graduates from non-relevant degree disciplines go on to become high achievers in the firm.</p><p> Skills gained from humanities degrees are particularly desirable to Deloitte.</p><p> 2008 Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP. Private and confidential</p><p> Deloitte? Its all just number crunching isnt it ? </p><p>Were not all accountants!</p><p> Professional Services: </p><p>TaxAuditERSActuarialConsultingCorporate Finance</p><p>Numerical psychometric tests arent trying to catch you out.</p><p> 2008 Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP. Private and confidential</p><p>Our service linesStatutory Internal Audit &amp; Risk Management Technology Assurance &amp; Advisory Security &amp; Privacy Data Quality and IntegrityProject RiskAudit Tax Consulting Corporate Finance CorporateIndirect Tax ConsultingGlobal Employer ServicesTax Management ConsultingTransfer PricingTax Depreciation</p><p>Strategy ConsultingOperations ConsultingHuman CapitalTechnology IntegrationEnterprise ApplicationsActuarial &amp; Insurance SolutionsTotal Reward &amp; BenefitsCorporate Finance AdvisoryTransaction ServicesReorganisation Services</p><p> 2008 Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP. Private and confidential</p><p>Will anything I've learnt at University be relevant?The skills gained from humanities degree courses are highly valuable. e.g.Teamwork Analytical skillsCommunication skillsSynthesizing evidence</p><p>Demand for industry related knowledge in various service lines;Energy, Infrastructure and UtilitiesReal EstateTourism, Hospitality and LeisureLife Sciences</p><p> 2008 Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP. Private and confidential</p><p>Opportunities</p><p>1,200 Graduates and Undergraduates Vacancies this academic year</p><p>21 training locations</p><p>25 different professional services lines</p><p> Offering a wide variety of exciting opportunities within Audit &amp; Assurance, Tax, Consulting and Corporate Finance</p><p> 2008 Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP. Private and confidential</p><p>Professional Qualifications Deloitte are proud to have the highest exam pass rates.</p><p>ACACTAICSAFPC / AFPCCFAATTRICSPRINCE2</p><p> 2008 Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP. Private and confidential</p><p> So once Im in, there's no opportunity for movement ? </p><p>The opportunities are endless</p><p> Working towards highly regarded qualifications</p><p>Continuous training and development</p><p> Secondment opportunities</p><p> Movement within the firm </p><p> 2008 Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP. Private and confidential</p><p>What we look forCompetency Areas Our selection criteria allows us to identify the people most likely to thrive in our business environment. Below are some examples of the competencies candidates need to demonstrate in our selection and interview process.Communication You are expressive, clear and concise and have the ability to quickly form relationships with others in a variety of situations.Achievement of goals You show the persistence and energy required to meet or exceed your objectives and well-defined goals and respond well to pressure.Commercial awareness You have an interest in business and the knowledge of what a career in a professional services firm involves, particularly in your chosen field.Adaptability You are positive in the face of change and resourceful in responding to major changes.Problem solving You can analyse, distil and solve practical problems, generate new ideas and make sound judgements in complex situations. You have been successful at motivating others towards a particular course of action.Organisational skills You take responsibility for the completion of tasks and ensure that detail is not overlooked when involved in a project. You will also have good time management skills and will be able to prioritise tasks effectively.</p><p> 2008 Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP. Private and confidential</p><p> Deloitte 2008/2009 - Selection ProcessApply onlinePre-screeningOnline testing verbal and numericalInterview stageAudit/Tax/ Corporate Finance/ActuarialCompetency based interview</p><p>Assessment day Case study assessment and partner reviewConsulting Short case study and interview</p><p>Longer case studyGroup exercises and creative writing exerciseFinal interview</p></li><li><p>Questions?</p><p> 2008 Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP. Private and confidential</p><p>Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales with registered number OC303675 and its registered office at Stonecutter Court, 1 Stonecutter Street, London EC4A 4TR, United Kingdom. Deloitte &amp; Touche LLP is the United Kingdom member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu ('DTT'), a Swiss Verein whose member firms are separate and independent legal entities. Neither DTT nor any of its member firms has any liability for each other's acts or omissions. Services are provided by member firms or their subsidiaries and not by DTT.This document is confidential and prepared solely for your information. Therefore you should not, without our prior written consent, refer to or use our name or this document for any other purpose, disclose them or refer to them in any prospectus or other document, or make them available or communicate them to any other party. No other party is entitled to rely on our document for any purpose whatsoever and thus we accept no liability to any other party who is shown or gains access to this document.</p><p>2005 . Private and confidential</p><p>Member ofDeloitte Touche Tohmatsu</p></li></ul>