Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

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Packaged Sewage Treatment for underground installation from Indus Ecowater. No civil works required



2. GEPSTP GREEN EDGE PLUS SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS 3. PACKAGED SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS READY TO INSTALL 48 HOUR INSTALLATION ON SITE 4. UNDERGROUND SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS Primary (I & II) settling, aeration, secondary settling Chambers are created within the (UG) tank allowing water to flow one tank to the next by gravity same as conventional plant 5. GEP STP PACKAGED PLANTS 5 40 M3 /day in Single tank Module Flexebility 50- 150 M3 /day in multiple tank modules Quick Start-up - Fully Automatic Meet Any Effluent Requirements. We also take up custom desiged plants to suit site conditions 6. GEPSTP Process 1. Bar Screen 2. Settling 3. Buffer & Feed 7. 5. Bacterial cultivation with Aeration in biozone 6. Final Settling & Sludge Recycling 7. Effluent for Recycling, Irrigation, Toilet Flush, or Meet any standard. GEPSTP Process 5567 8. GEPSTP Process 9. REMOTE PANEL + FILTRATION UNIT 10. ADVANTAGES GEPSTP OF 11. TECHNOLOGY IN GEPSTP The MBBR is an innovative biological treatment process using thousands of special carriers designed to create an enormous total surface area for biofilm growth. MBBR offers the benefits of fixed film media processes without suffering their common downfalls. Overgrowth of bacteria leading to channelling is an issue with common process designs such as submerged aerated filters (SAF), rotating biological contactors (RBC) or trickling filter (TF) designs. MBBR bio media is self cleaning due to movements caused by air bubbles coming from bottom. 12. SIMPLE YET HIGHLY ENGINEERED GEPSTPs are precisely engineered to highest standards: Small Foot Print Low power consumption Lowest Noise Level Fail safe design Ultra Modern Technology - MBBR 13. CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL GEPSTPs are manufactured using Advanced Composite Glass Reinforced Plastics Same materials used in missiles / rockets Same materials used in boats / Yatch Inert Doesnt Rust Plant life more than 25 years 14. NO COLLECTION TANK GEPSTPs DO NOT NEED A SEPARATE COLLECTION TANK Part of the tank is used as collection tank As sewage flows with gravity, FEED PUMP is avoided- Saving Energy No need to adjust pump flow Manpower saving No problem of overflow in case of power failure Saves the time and cost of building a collection tank in civil ( a must in any other type of STP) 15. AIR BLOWERS that save 30% power GEPSTPs employ Side Channel Centrifugal Silent air blowers (noise below 60 DB) Other STPs use Twin lobe Rotary blowers that make huge noise (90 DB +) and has lot of wear & tear, demanding expensive maintenance Side Channel Blowers are 30% more energy efficient 16. HUGE SAVINGS ON MANPOWER Other STPs need operators in 3 shifts 24 X 7 GEPSTP is completely automatic- Fit N Forget Operator required only for one hour every day With remote monitoring module, it will send a message in event of any failure / Problem (STANDARD at NO extra cost) No need for skilled / trained / dedicated operator. GEPSTP saves energy & manpower cost and pays back its cost in less than 3 years 17. For more information Visit us: mCall center: 851-100-6000 Indus Ecowater Pvt Ltd Plot No. 201/7 Phase-II IDA Cherlapally HYDERABAD- 500 051 Ph: 040-27260070 Fax: 040- 27260060