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  1. 1. a tour of new features introducing APP STORE OPTIMIZATION
  2. 2. We have features for every step of the way What is ASO? Core Components of ASO
  3. 3. App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app (such as an iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone app) in an app store (such as iTunes for iOS, Google Play for Android, Windows Store for Windows Phone or BlackBerry World for BlackBerry). What is ASO (APP STORE OPTIMIZATION)?
  4. 4. Apple App Store Google Play App Store BlackBerry Windows Apps Main App Stores
  5. 5. Keywords: Name Description Localization Visuals: Icons Screenshots OFF Site Factors: Number of Downloads Rating & Reviews Tracking and Optimizing Keywords Core Components of iOS ASO
  6. 6. Keywords/Name: Use Keyword Planner tool and Google Trends (Always try to find keywords have highest search volume with lowest competition.) List your keywords within 100 characters and first 25 characters plays a major role. Do not use spaces, use commas (this list is not visible to user.) Use numbers(2) instead of writing two in your keywords. Try to use shorter keywords in various combinations. Get rid of stop words(the, on, at etc.). Dont worry about pluralizing and avoid special characters. Dont include category names in your app. Keywords Keywords in the app name have the biggest impact on App Store search rankings.
  7. 7. Description: Only first 3 lines are displayed as a preview, use properly. Mention App Benefits and Features. Use Call to Action. Keyword stuffing needs to avoid. Give reason to Download your App. Overuse of one keyword result in lower your app ranking. Be careful. Dont Lie in your description. Keywords First 3 lines puts an impact on the user, give them reason to download your app in one go.
  8. 8. Localization: Localize your keywords for different locations. Include local phrases To translate, you can request the help of specialized companies instead of the automatic translations. Companies Babble-on, ICanLocalize, LocalEyes, LocTeam etc. provide Localization services. Keywords If you want to land internationally, you have to localize your App.
  9. 9. Icons/Logo: Dos Should stand out & represent what the app is, choose wisely. Use your main logo. Try colors if fits. Use the same icon across platforms. Pay attention to details. Dont Use your business description in the logo. Too much details in the icon/logo. Too much colors or irrelevant colors. Use different icons for each platform. Visuals Icons/Logo draws user attention and stop them to explore app features and benefits.
  10. 10. Screenshots: First two screenshots are most important and displayed in search results. Put your best shot first always. Use high resolution images. Describe the best features of the app using screenshots. Use all spaces of 5 screenshots if needed, else use 4 spaces. Incorporate Marketing copy in screenshots. Visuals Use high resolution images that defines your business.
  11. 11. Number of Downloads: Higher Number of Downloads affects on Apple App Store ranking. Only developers and App Store know the exact number of downloads. To achieve a top 10 rank in Apple App Store an app will need to have a large amount of downloads in a timeframe of 72 hours (with the biggest impact from the first 24 hours). OFF Site Factors: Higher number of downloads in first 24 hours can helps you to achieve top 10 ranking in Apple App Store.
  12. 12. Rating & Reviews: Rating and Reviews impact visibility and total downloads. More downloads result in higher ranking, which result in more reviews. Use Friends and Family contact list and send them a message with new release of your app. Keep an eye on your app rating, users will not install an app with low rating. Ask user if they would like to provide feedback, rather than begging. Never ruin user experience in between of app usage by asking for give you Rating/Reviews. OFF Site Factors: Track negative reviews and responds quickly for better user engagement else you will loose business.
  13. 13. Tracking and Optimizing Keywords: Keep track of your rankings for certain set of keywords regularly. Remember to exclude black listed keywords. Do competitor research to add more keywords in the program. Track number of downloads. Track Reviews regularly and respond quickly. Track Rating regularly. OFF Site Factors: Track your keywords performance and add more to the list.
  14. 14. THANK YOU