The story of going caveman.

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  • 1.I think im going to try out the paleo diet this season.

2. toda most of us are on the sad* diet.y*standard american diet 3. you know the one:cereal for breakfastsandwich for lunchpasta bake for dinner 4. this wasnt the case ten thousand years ago. 5. so going paleo is sort of like going caveman(is it Just me or does this caveman bear a striking resemblance to Jon snow?) 6. the paleo diet contains primal foods: meat fish vegetables eggsfruitsnuts* & seeds*peanuts are not nuts. theyre beans. who knew?! 7. easy enough, right? 8. now for the downside. 9. cavemen didnt eat:grains(bread, pasta, creal, cake, crackers, pastries) legumes (potatoes, peanuts, soy beans, lentils, peas) sugar(the source of all happiness) 10. which means, no processed foods. 11. ...and no chocolate. 12. but they sa that eating real Food changes your energy levels completel yy. 13. it isnt easy.but it could be an exciting challenge. 14. it means new recipes and ingredients 15. and a test of willpower 16. most importantl the rew y,ard isnt some stupid medal you wear around your neck 17. the initial challenge: two weeks. 18. you IN?