The legend of st. george

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<ul><li> 1. The legend of St. George Carme Aliau Fabra Yajaira Bertomeu Bonet Roger Gonzalez Subirats ric Bells Adada </li></ul> <p> 2. The Legend tells us that there was a dragon that frightened the small town of Montblanc, located in the south of Catalonia. 3. To avoid his fierce attacks, people from town gave a young maid every day, who was chosen by a popular draw. Until one day, the slaughter weight was placed on the princess, who was given to the beast. 4. When she was about to be devoured, St. George appeared, a brave knight who fought and defeated the dragon, stabbing his sword into the heart, and rescuing the beautiful princess. 5. Then, from the blood that flowed from the heart of the dragon, a red rose was born. Hence the tradition of giving a red rose to women, the tradition of the book came later ... some believe that the princess wrote a love poem to the gentleman. </p>