If You Can See It, You Can Be It

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To get what you want, visualize it - again and again - in incredible detail. Learn more at: http://www.kasanoff.com


<ul><li> Great athletes and leaders do it </li> <li> Long before any event </li> <li> They see every detail in their minds </li> <li> They do not think I am going to win </li> <li> They think about slowing their heart rate at the top of the run </li> <li> They think about being dead center in the middle of the track </li> <li> They see themselves being absolutely motionless </li> <li> They feel that first turn as if it was real </li> <li> They see exactly where the sled exits the first turn </li> <li> They see the long straightaway that follows </li> <li> When you want something really badly </li> <li> See yourself getting it </li> <li> See the process of getting it </li> <li> See what lies ahead of you </li> <li> Play the run over and over again in your head </li> <li> Pay attention to the smallest details </li> <li> Focus on the journey, not the destination </li> <li> If you do this, you will not only get what you want </li> <li> But you will also love the journey that takes you there </li> <li> When you are finishing doing this, do it again </li> <li> If you can see it, you can be it </li> <li> All images from Vimeo video BCBSA Bobsled Training by Francis Chiasson. Slideshare created by Bruce Kasanoff, ghostwriter. Learn more at Kasanoff.com. </li> </ul>