Getting Started with Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

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An effective way to increase discovery of your mobile apps and drive installs - here is a guide to Getting Started with Facebook Mobile App Install Ads.


<ul><li>1.Getting Started with Facebook Mobile App Install Ads </li></ul> <p>2. Download Facebook Landing Page EBook 2 Why Mobile App Install Ads? Mobile app install ads help app developers and advertisers create ads that are displayed on Facebooks mobile platform and urge users to download the apps. In simple words, drive more traffic towards their mobile apps through Facebook ads. These ads are an easy and effective way for advertisers and businesses to enhance their app visibility. Here is an image to illustrate it to you: 3. Download Facebook Landing Page EBook 3 Attributes of Mobile App Install Ads: Payment Method Installs are measured on cost per install basis i.e. a developer pays only when someone installs his/her application. Enhanced Visibility These ads appear on the mobile news feed, the most viewed place on Facebook and where 65% of all engagement happens. Better Targeting Options App ads can be targeted to the correct mobile audience using the various targeting options (you can check these options when creating the app). Easy download When a Facebook user clicks on an ad, they are directed to a download page in the Apple App Store (if using iPhone) &amp; Google Play (if using Android) where they can download the app in a jiffy. Ad Specifications Text should comprise 130 characters and the image should be of 600 x 113 pixel 4. Download Facebook Landing Page EBook Step-by-step procedure of creating Mobile App Install Ads 1. Install the latest SDK (Software development kit) for iOS (SDK 3.1) or Android (Android SDK as of 8/29/12). Without integrating with the latest Facebook SDKs, you will not be able to measure the performance of your mobile app install ad. 2. Create a Facebook App. Here is a step by step guide. 3. When a user clicks on your ad, they are relocated to the Google Play or iTunes App Store where they can download the app. 4. Once your ad is up and running, to keep track of clicks, installs and revenue generated, developers need to install Facebooks Software Development Kit or work with a 3rd-party mobile measurement provider. 5. Download Facebook Landing Page EBook What is in it for Marketers? With 600 360 pixels and 130-characters for an image &amp; text message respectively, marketers get lots of room to stand out in the crowd and deliver a compelling message. Large Ad Format Mobile App Install Ads lets a marketer drill down his/her target group to the mobile version they are using, Android/iOS.Comprehensive Targeting A Marketer can tailor make the ad message that he is placing targeting a particular section of the audience. Customized Content Most relevant verticals who use Mobile App Install Ads are businesses in the Gaming, E- Commerce, Retail, Financial Services and Travel sector. Do read my blog for a better analysis 6. Generate, Nurture and Follow your Leads Software for Marketing and Lead Generation teams Learn how to Create Facebook Landing Pages in 5 Easy Steps Download Ebook NOW! </p>