Designing Effective Data Capture Programs

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Catch the Moment wrote this white paper with Event Marketer Magazine. The feature is a wonderful educational tool for strategic approaches to data collection at events.


<ul><li> 1. Designing Effective Data Capture Programs Smart design of data acquisition programs ensures viral chatter, more opt-ins, better engagement. Benefits of a Strategic Approach to Data Collection Marketers employing a strategic approach to data collection enjoy multiple benefits:Separate the prospects from the existing customers. This enablesCreate a Moment the marketer to customize the next step so it will be relevant to each recipient. For instance, customers can be sent a small thank you gift, whileof Connection prospects receive a coupon entitling them to free product trial.Analyze awareness and comprehension. Prospects answers toThe goal of every event marketer survey questions can verify how much they know about your companyis to engage the audience, to cre- and whether or not they get your message.ate a moment where theyve made Obtain valuable demographic/psychographic data. Learning about thea connection and have the audi- prospect life and lifestyle helps marketers identify new and better ways toences full attention. Thats when reach them.its most likely the prospect will Identify customer and product preferences. Ascertaining what type ofshare valuable data, inspire word- product a contact prefers enables you to customize and target ongoingof-mouth and give you permission interactions. For instance, a soft drink company would market to a cola drinker differently than it would a consumer of energy start a relationship. Integratingthe right technology in the right Customized next step. You can accelerate the sales process by guiding the user to more information on your productor to your product itself.manner with the right personnelmakes all the difference and can Evaluate the value of the event. Determining what quantity andactually increase participation percentage of visitors are qualified prospects enables marketers to evaluate whether an event is worth returning to in the future.rates. Marketers survey delivery/data generation options include hand-collected, electronic onsite collection via hand-held device, onsite via kiosk or other unmanned options, and online post-event data collection. The following chart illustrates the pros and cons of each.Designing eFFecTive DATA cAPTure ProgrAMs | 1 </li></ul><p> 2. Designing Effective Data Capture Programs Creating the Right Experience for Data CollectionWThe right momente all know that data collection enhances a marketers 2.power to know the audience and make the right nextcreate an engaging experience that is designed to connectmove. its what the cMo is looking for and what justi-people, as most travel in groups at events and want to re- fies participation in the event in the first place. But creating themember their visit. Make this possible in a way that is valuable right environment that engages prospects and encourages themto them as attendees AnD to you as a host. to offer valuable information requires moving beyond clipboardsIntegrate the right technology and incentives. it requires event designers to consider three criti-3. cal components:and toolsThe right peopleAudiences will frequently respond favorably to the right use 1.of technology, especially when it is designed to enhance thestart by staffing your event with those who best represent theuser experience with cutting edge devices or by providingdemographics you are reaching out to and making sure theyvaluable data, directions or other information that adds to theare properly trained in your product or service. Then ensureevent.they are trained in properly engaging AnD disengaging quali-fied prospects to make the experience an enhancement of theevent, not a distraction. Alternative Data Collection Methods Onsite Electronic viaDrivers License ScanOnsite Electronic Post-Event OnlineHand-Held DeviceLess incidence of errorHigh incidence of error Less incidence of error sinceLow incidence of errorIncidence of error/ especially incorrect e-mail because the license goesthe contacts input their own when inputting e-mail ad- accuracy of data addressessince contact through an ocr scanning data. However many peopledress is linked to retrieval input their own data. process.purposely provide incorrectof a gift. e-mail addresses. very shortpeople at an Drivers license scan doesextremely short. Without opportunity for a longerLength of survey event dont want to stepnot facilitate an attacheda person standing there, form as people will spend away from the fun to fill out survey, so surveyingaudience members are more time doing an online a survey. would have to be done likely to lose patience andsurvey than they would at separately. step away after a couple ofthe event. questions. Possibly some word-of-Possibly some word-of-Possibly some word-of- good if survey participa-Potential of driving mouth, but with no brandmouth, but with no brandmouth, but with no brand tion is integrated withviral effort impression attached.impression attached.impression attached. something the prospectdeems worthy ofand iscapable ofpassing onelectronically.easy to avoid. Many peopleMany people will noteasy to avoid. There is little not everyone will takeFactors affecting will make a detour if theyparticipate because ofincentive to interact with the time to do an onlineparticipation see a rep approaching.concern over privacya static kiosk. incentives survey. response will be incentives can significantlyissues. can significantly increase driven by how much the increase participation. participation. visitor enjoyed the at-eventinteraction. incentivescan significantly increaseparticipation.can be real-time, but good. The hardwarecan be real-time, butreal-time.Timeliness of requires that the system be prints what it has read requires that the system beresults data set up to upload regularly. immediately.set up to upload regularly.In most cases, post-event electronic data collection is the best choice. It integrates a longer survey, a high level of accuracy and an increased likelihood of a greater viral spread because of the ability to send via phone or post to Facebook or MySpace. However, for products that require involved face-to-face explanations or sampling, onsite data collection can be the better solution.2 | Designing eFFecTive DATA cAPTure ProgrAMs 3. Designing Effective Data Capture Programs Making the Decision: Pros and Cons of Onsite Activities AdvantagesDisadvantagesFun, interactive and engaging. viral offshoot is WoM only. Onsite gameHas a large and very appealing prize.only one person wins. viral offshoot is WoM Sweepstakes only. no branded keepsake.Provides a brand take-away.viral offshoot is WoM only. Giveaway or onsite prizeFun, interactive and engaging. Provides a brand take- Roving photographer The marketer has no control over the back-away. can be brought to the attendeessuch as at ground seen in the image.a tailgate event. can be attached to online fulfillmentthat extends the brand experience. can be set up tocollect data and opt-ins and drive visitors to website.Participants launch viral continuance via e-mail, cellphone, Facebook and Myspace.Fun, interactive and engaging. Provides a brandDoesnt look real. Photos with pre-take-away. can be attached to online fulfillment thatTakes up more space. printed backdropextends the brand experience. can be set up tocollect data and opt-ins and drive visitors to the marketer a branded presence. Participantslaunch viral continuance via e-mail, cell phone, Face-book and Myspace.Takes up more space.Fun, interactive and engaging. Provides a brand Green screen photostake-away. can be attached to online fulfillment thatextends the brand experience. can be set up tocollect data and opt-ins and drive visitors to website.implemented correctly, it looks incredibly real.Leverage high-priced spokespersons by using theirphotos for the green screen. Participants launch viralcontinuance via e-mail, cell phone, Facebook andMyspace. Fun, interactive and engaging. Provides a brand take- Green screen video Takes up more space.away. can be attached to online fulfillment that extendsthe brand experience.can be set up to collect dataand opt-ins and drive visitors to website. implementedcorrectly it looks incredibly real. gives the marketer abranded presence. Participants launch viral continuancevia e-mail and YouTubeOverall, the onsite activities that provide the great-est opportunity for engaging brand interaction, datacollection and viral proliferation are green screenphotos and green screen video. Some situationslend themselves to a combination of activities, e.g.,a roving photographer for tailgating and a greenscreen for a corridor or hospitality tent. Designing eFFecTive DATA cAPTure ProgrAMs | 3 4. Designing Effective Data Capture ProgramsCASE StuDy: With the deregulation of the energy industry, reliant energy has extended its marketingefforts to community-based events that increase brand awareness. reliant has its nameReliant Energyon reliant stadium and is a key sponsor of the Houston Texans nFL team.Promotion GathersObjectiveKey Data andreliant wanted to leverage its sponsorship to grab the attention of fans attending TexansSpreads Virally games, connect with them, drive them to its website, collect key data, thank its currentcustomers and open up a dialog with those fans who were not current customers.The Programreliant employed both roving and green screen photography at every home game. Fourphotographers combed all tailgating and fan functions, as well as the game. These pho-tographers took approximately 100 photographs per hour and literally swept the entirestadium from every angle photographing addition, reliant set up three green screens where fans could choose from severalTexans-relevant settings. For instance, many chose to don a coachs headset and besuperimposed into a photo that made it appear that they were calling the plays from theTexans sideline. Large monitors enabled the crowd to see what the finished photos wouldlook like and drew additional spectators.Fans were given a photo code card that contained a secure photo iD number andprinted instructions on how to retrieve their photos. Typically, the photos were uploaded tothe website during the game using a T1 line provided by the Texans.After the game, fans went online and inserted their code to access their photoswhichwere imprinted with the date, a Texans logo and a reliant logo. in addition to downloadingand printing their photos, many chose to e-mail them to friendsadding a viral element tothe campaign. From there, many of the fans clicked on the link to visit the reliant websiteand opted-in to reliants e-marketing campaign.Perhaps the most important element of the program was the data reliant collected.An impressive percentage of those retrieving their photos participated in a brief onlinesurvey that qualified the audience and determined which contacts were customers vs.prospects. via e-mail, existing customers were given a discount coupon for admissionto a local museum as a thank-you. Prospects were given a coupon offering a discountfor switching their service to reliantand were rolled into a client acquisition program toreceive ongoing marketing communications and assignment to an account person forpersonal follow-up.Resultsreliant extended its multimillion-dollar sponsorship into an interactive experiential market-ing program that connected directly with customers and prospectsand continued togrow virally. ROO Capturedthousandsofpiecesofdemographicinformationfromtheircustomers. Deliveredbranded,interactiveentertainmentandinteractionwithcustomers and prospects. Providedabrandedeventmemento. Dramaticallyincreaseditswebsitetraffic. Extendedtheexcitementofthegame(andReliantsmarketingprogram)beyondthat single dayand to friends who didnt even attend the game. ROI 33,154photostakenof104,104fans. 79%ofphotosretrieved. 24,755peoplewhoretrievedphotosparticipatedinthesurvey(88%). 12,863opt-inpermissionscaptured. 112,390estimatedviralrecipientsofphotosfromemail. 10,214senttocellphones. 4,714senttoFacebookorMySpace. 4 | Designing eFFecTive DATA cAPTure ProgrAMs 5. Designing Effective Data Capture Programs How Photo and Video Promotion Can What can photo Be utilized to Drive Impressions, promotion do? Opt-Ins, Data Collection, Viral Marketing used to its fullest potential, photo/video and Measurement production can: T Engagetheaudienceinanimmersive he brand experiences most effec-And it works because people love pic-at-event experience, increasing eventtive in forging lasting connections tures of themselves and cant resistand brand memorability.leverage multiple touch pointsretrieving them. addcontactstothemarketersopt-in and embody a means to measure Photos of friends, family and col-list and/or sales funnel.the outcome. in fact, the more touchleagues at an event can extend the life Drivevisitorstothemarketerswebsite.points, the more valuable an experi-of the experience by enabling partici- Launchaviralmarketingcampaign. ence will bewith success increasingpants to recall the good time they had. Collectvaluabledata. exponentially when one of those touch in fact, when asked what memento of Providetheaudiencewithaneventpoints launches a viral marketing pro-an event would have the most value,keepsake.gram where visitors organically spreadphotos were one of the top three men- Delivermeasurableresults.the message to new contacts.tioned(alongwitht-shirtsandCDs).Photo and video promotions are engaging and immersive brand experi-source: Event Marketer White Paper: ences that can be leveraged to create Retail Event Strategies: The Sales Im- multi-touch marketing experiences.pact of Experiential Events. new contacts reached through Drive customercreate Keepsake viral Marketing: Brand interacton to websiteand initiate viralWoM, email, cell (photoorimage) Marketing phone, Myspace, Facebook, You Tube, etc. generation of opt-in for FutureData collectionThank-You, contact(survey) coupon or offerAnalysis of DataMeasurement of roi and rooongoing contact and impressions as contact enters the sales FunnelDESigningEFFECtivEDataCaPtuREPRogRaMS|5 6. Designing Effective Data Capture ProgramsMeasuringSuccess The following quantitative metrics can be applied to photo and video promotions and assigned dollar values per impression to calculate roi. Measure the number Green-Screen ups the Fun and value of:Fun is an important factor invideo of somewhere that theyve never impressions.forging any brand connection. really beenor someone they have imagesshot.The more fun the experience,never met. Peopleshot. the greater the visitors opinion of the green screen one-ups traditional Peoplewatchingothersimages brand will be. And thus, the more likely event photography because custom-being shot. the visitor will be to share personalers have a choicethey can select the Peoplewalkingby. data, continue their relationship with background of their choosing from op- Encounterswithbrandambassadors the brandand tell friends abou...</p>


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