A Simple Way to Use Facebook for Business.

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How to Use Facebook for Business (One Simple, Profile-Based Method) See the free 40 minute video here: www.freetraffictip.com/0-fastfacebooktraffic/facebook-strategy.php


  • 1. One Very Simple Way to Use Facebook for Business by Tinu Abayomi-Paul Creator ofFast Facebook Pages TrafficandFast Facebook Traffic .

2. Step One: Set Up Your Home Base

    • If you don't have one, you need either a million dollar ad budget, or to get one.
    • A blog with a weekly post is good enough.
    • Make sure you're set up to let other people share your links on Facebook.
    • You also need lead capture

3. Step Two: Create Content Tailor Made for Your Prospects

    • Find their pain
    • Connect the ease of that pain to your product/service
    • Create content that solves at least part of a small problem - your content is a free trial.
    • Text is great but try audio, video, pictures, infographics, whiteboarding, presentations

4. Step Three: Prep Facebook

    • Profile - fill it out
    • Picture - smile, eye contact, person not a logo
    • Publication Settings - Notes
    • Pull via NewsFeed
    • Points of Contact - Groups, Pages, Profiles

5. Step Four: Manually/Automatically Bring That Content to Facebook

    • Benefits of Automation
    • Benefits of Manual Publishing
    • The Importance of the NOTES and/or VIDEO features of Facebook
    • You Can't MAKE it Viral, but You CAN Make it Spreadable

6. Step Five: Contact. Connect. Communicate.

    • Talk to People, not at Them
    • Make It About Them
    • Offer Your Help
    • Find Conversations that Parallel or Intersect Your Topic

7. Step Six: Repeat Step 5 for 15 Minutes a Day for One Week

    • Have a goal of one conversation a day or 15 Minutes
    • Meet New People. Follow-Up with Old Ones
    • Stay on Track - Timers Help
    • Listen Before You Respond - ALWAYS

8. Step Seven: Measure Twice, Cut Once

    • Are Sales Up?
    • Are Leads Up?
    • Is Quality Up?
    • Are YOU Failing or Is IT Failing?
    • Keep What Works. Stop What Doesn't.
    • Decrease Your Time, Increase Results
    • Use the Tools

9. Additional Resources Now you have the basic strategy. To maximize this plan you need two things The details of how to deploy it. The details of WHERE to deploy it. Fast Facebook Pages Traffic can help you get more subscriber leads, fans and traffic from Facebook. Fast Facebook Traffic can teach you how to leverage your blog and Facebook together for more visitors to your site, who care about what you have to say. Thank You for Your Time, and I hope you found this helpful. Feel free to contact me on Twitter as@Tinuwith questions, or post them onmy Facebook Page , where you can find more free video tutorials on Website Promotion.