How to make figures that don't suck?

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How to make figures that dont suck?Dont do this!Do this!Ask Edward TufteAsk Edward TufteThe Visual Display Of Quantitative Information10 simple rules1. know your audience2. identify your message2.1 salience to relevance2.2 tell a story3. adapt to the medium4. use captions5. dont trust the defaults6. use colour (effectively)6.1 use shapes (instead)7. do not mislead8. avoid junk9. message > beauty10. get the right toolsHow to make figures that dont suck?1. know your audience 2. identify your message 3. adapt to the medium 4. use captions 5. dont trust the defaults 6. use colour 7. do not mislead 8. avoid junk 9. message > beauty 10. get the right tools Rougier et al. (2014). Ten Simple Rules for Better Figures. PLoS Comput Biol 10(9): e1003833. 35 Points of View columns in Nature Methods ggplot theme for publication ready Plots ( Tufte EG (1983) The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. Cheshire, Connecticut: Graphics Press. Doumont JL (2009) Trees, maps, and theorems. Brussels: Principiae.