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Customer Experience Basics

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Understand about the customers journey and how to work on touchpoints to provide the best experience for your customers

Text of Customer Experience Basics

  • Is the sum of all experiences a customer has with a supplier of goods and or services, over the duration of their relationship with that supplier. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
  • The Customers Journey. Touchpoints. To Keep in Mind...
  • The Customers Journey. How to create content to provide the best experience to your customer
  • Pre purchase: Promotions, PR, displays, webinars, email, newsletters, social media, video, WOM, web. Put the same attention as if it were the product Blow them away since the rst contact Purchase: Packaging, sales page, events, sales person, trade show, invoice, check out process, up sale, web navigation. Post purchase: Forums, social media, delivery, loyal program, customer service, thank you, customer appreciation, surveys, auto responder.
  • The Narrative Arc. Exposition Rising action Climax Turning point. Falling action Resistance Denouement
  • Touchpoints What you should focus on, every interaction is a chance.
  • The Narrative Arc. What is your customer doing at this point? How is he feeling? Whats the action you want your customer to do? Ok, theyre with you. What are you giving them? (They havent bought anything yet) Engagement (Whats the emotion here?) What would blow your people out of the water? (Not happened at this point) * Whats the emotion when theyre feeling burned out of the brand? What invitation can you give them to re-engage? How do you invite them to share their experience with your brand?
  • The Narrative Arc. Website Social Media BTL Newsletter Featured content Visual communication on store. Featuring them on networks. Guided tour. Send a suprise gift card? Disc. code? Public activation? Phonecall after purchase? Dinner with top customers? Invitation with a hashtag. Guest post.
  • To keep in mind...
  • You can try one touch point per quarter. Take your process and educate everyone on it. (Everyone must be aware of the experience youre trying to create.) You can focus on one action at a time and test. (This also helps with measurements)
  • Be very clear with your invitations. (Be aware of the many calls to action your customer will have) What are you giving to your customer? Take the time to pay attention to your customers. (Mind your customers happiness, be fan of their idols.)
  • Costumers often have very low expectations, use that on your favor. (The real world sometimes sucks, you know.) Its not only about your brand. (Me, Me, Me < Lifestyle) Integrate touchpoints into your workow.
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