The 10 Best HR Motivational Quotes

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1. PEOPLE GREAT VISION WITHOUT GREAT JIM COLLINS, GOOD TO GREAT IS IRRELEVANT 2. Everything you have ever wanted, is sitting on the other side of fear. G E O R G E A D D A I R 3. HUMAN RESOURCES ISN'T A THING WE DO IT'S THE THING THAT RUNS OUR BUSINESS STEVE WYNN, WYNN LAS VEGAS 4. TIME SPENT ON HIRING IS TIME WELL SPENT ROBERT HALF 5. Im A Great Believer In Luck AndIFind The Harder I Work The More I Have Of It Thomas Jefferson 6. I H I R E P E O P L E B R I G H T E R T H A N M E AND THEN GET OUT OF THEIR WAY LeeIacocca,Ford 7. professional IF YOU THINK IT'S EXPENSIVE TO HIRE A TO DO THE JOB, WAIT UNTIL YOU HIRE AN RED ADAIR amateur 8. and you will never have to work a day in your life choose a job you love confucious 9. i can accept failure I CAN'T ACCEPT NOT TRYING MICHAEL JORDAN 10. "WHAT HAPPENS IF WE INVEST IN DEVELOPING OUR PEOPLE AND THEY LEAVE?" "WHAT HAPPENS IF WE DON'T AND THEY STAY?"