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<p>Top Keynote Speaker in Delhi</p> <p>Motivational Speaker and Motivational Quotes</p> <p>Make yourself happier with your own deeds rather then watching someone else doing the same deeds!</p> <p>Hold your nerves....your time is about to 'STRIKE-RICH'!</p> <p>Let go of what's gone, be grateful for what remains, and look forward to what is coming.</p> <p>Respect is earn from trust, and love is earn from respect.</p> <p>Strengthen your SELF-BELIEF every moment, everyday, such that your surrounded by only the 'belief' of SUCCESS!</p> <p>Give a meaning to fatherhood by being with your child as and when he needs you!</p> <p>A man is known by the company he keeps!</p> <p>Overcome your past to write a new story of GLORY!</p> <p>Thanks for giving your valuable TimeCorporate OfficeGLOBAL ACT (Global Academy For Corporate Training)A 39, First Floor,Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate,Mathura Road, New Delhi ? 110044phone icon 0129- 4174443phone icon +91-9810544443phone icon +91-8527606786email icon , info@vivekbindra.comsite icon</p>