The Newly Renovated Central Children's Store

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Text of The Newly Renovated Central Children's Store

  • Newly Renovated Central Children's Store

    By: Ernest Rudyak

  • The famous Lubyanka Square in Russia is getting a new facelift this years as t h e o r i g i n a l C e n t r a l Children's Store will opened its newly renovated doors to eager young children and parents alike.

  • T h e b u i l d i n g w a s constructed in 1957 by famous architect, Alexey Nikolayevich Dushkin. The fu l l res tora t ion o f the building was completed December 2014.

  • The last few months have been used for designers to c reate a modern look o u t s i d e a n d i n s i d e Childrens Store. Individual department stores are also very close to being ready for opening day. !

  • ENGEOCOM has been working on reconstructing and adapting the current structure of the building to a more modern infrastructure that could house multiple stores and become a staple in Lubyanka Square.

  • Before starting to work on t h i s p r o j e c t , M o s g o s s t r o y n a d z o r submitted the necessary documents of compliance in order to align contraction goals with local guidelines and regulations. !

  • The restorat ion of the b u i l d i n g h a d t o b e completed in extremely s m a l l a r e a s , a n d t h e surrounding v ic in i ty of Childrens Place lies among the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the hotel Savoy.

  • The delivery, and assembly of materials was made extremely difficult due the positioning of the work site. !

  • Given the monumental properties of Childrens Store, and the historic attachments most locals have to this building, the new changes are meant to preserve the original outline of its silhouette, space structure and other design elements.

  • More than 50,000 visitors will be expected to enjoy t h i s n e w l y r e n o v a t e d infrastructure in April 2015.

  • Ernest Rudyak

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