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Success Path Education Stories: Retha Tells All

Success Path Education Stories:

Retha Tells All

Retha- Age 71At 70 years of age, Retha got into the house flipping businessShe is a student of Success Path EducationShe more in her first year of business then she had in other year of her life

Rethas TipsShe says she did what they were taught and drove a micro-marketing gridShe found someone who owned a wholesaler organizationShe needed the money to rehab and buy itShe looks at 15 houses before she buys oneShe gets a list of pre-foreclosures and go knock on their doors

SuccessesIn two months Retha will be making 60,000-80,000 dollars from one houseShe made $35,000 off of her first houseShe has built a good team that comprises of a realtor and a wholesaler

How Retha gets a good dealIn Portland, its hard to find a good deal, but she found a good wholesalerA wholesaler someone who goes to auctions to buy houses at really cheap prices, then they turn around and sale the house to someone elseRetha formed a relationship with a wholesaler and has bought all of her houses so far with himBuilding relationships are key

Rethas AdviceThe hardest part of this is finding deals, and that first deal, you have to stick to it. You just keep beating your head against the wall. it was so discouraging looking for that deal. Do everything. Driving the grid, knocking doors, doing mailers.

You can do it tooRetha worked hard to build a network and start selling housesShe did all the things she was taught in the Success Path Education Courses and has made more money than shes ever made beforeRetha is persistent and excited and keeps motivated to find work and flip houses. Thats what you need to be successful