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Why sellers should stage their homes. They need a competitive edge, and staging gives it to them.

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  • 1. What can a little bit of red do for you? Bring order out of chaos Bring life to a vacant Bring beauty to the homely Bring more money to the table Bring a quicker sale Bring a gift to the buyer

2. We bringorderout of chaos. 3. We bring lifeto a vacant. 4. We bringbeauty to thehomely. 5. We help bringmore moneyto the table. 6. Staging brings in 3-10% moremoney.Think of the extra money your sellers will receive and the extra money in your pocket from the higher commission. 7. We bring aquicker sale. 8. Staged homes sell 50% faster. Think of the advertising money youll save and the marketing time youll save. Think of the mortgage payments, utility bills, insurance, and taxes saved for a seller who owns two homes. Think of how good youll look selling listings quickly. 9. Sold in 4 days 10. Accepted offer in 5 days 11. Sold in 12 days 12. Several offers in the first two weeks.(Seller has to bring money to the table.) 13. We take the stress out ofgetting a home ready to sell. 14. We help sellers dispose of their unwanted items. 15. We rent accessories to fill outthe rooms. 16. We rent whole roomfuls of furniture. 17. We give peace of mind to the Realtor that the home is selling-ready. 18. Considering all the benefits of staging,doesnt investing $150 for a sellersconsultation just makesense? 19. Call an AccreditedStaging Professionaltoday.Mary Abella 748-5887 20. Oh--did we mention wedecorate also? a little bit of reddoes Interior decorating Space planningOne-day makeovers Feng Shui consultations 21. Subtle Asian-themedliving room, based offthe iris artwork. 22. Safari-themedbasement 23. A relaxing bedroom getaway 24. We can bring a giftto the buyer from you. 25. Gift your buyers at closingwith a $150 gift certificatefor two hours of decoratingassistance for their new home.Just ask us for the free-to-you certificate.* * Free for watching this presentation!