Social innovation and collaborative design

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Collaborative design and principles of of social innovation in examples from all over the world.


  • 1. Maksym Klyuchar, UNDP Ukraine A do-it yourself approach to improved community results Social Innovation and Collaborative Design
  • 2. Themes for discussion Social innovation and co-design: introduction Lets cheat! Nuts, bolts and sketches for design
  • 3. (1) Social Innovation Innovation = new for this situation, location or application. Think Home Grown Initiatives. Social dimension is key: by the people for the people Not necessarily digital Sometimes discover the new in the old => like inventing the wheel!
  • 4. (1) Social Innovation Benefits Social innovator (opportunities to build skills, warm glow, funds from monetization if built properly) Community (better services or experiences, feeling of purpose, stronger social fabric) Government (efficient utilization of resources, sharing responsibility, image booster) Businesses (new markets, public-private partnerships, devoted clientele)
  • 5. (1) Collaborative Design One of the ways to engage in social innovation Joining efforts of government, civil society, citizens, businesses to jointly come up with the best solution to a problem
  • 6. (1) Social innovation some basics A good itch to scratch you know best where your shoe hurts you most
  • 7. (1) Social innovation some basics Cheat! This helps ideas spread across borders
  • 8. (1) Social innovation some basics Define your audience and zoom in
  • 9. (1) Social innovation some basics Run grandma tests and elevator pitches. Refine your idea by practicing. Value feedback
  • 10. (1) Social innovation some basics Turn to the citizen-experts
  • 11. (1) Social innovation some basics Think steps ahead
  • 12. (1) Social innovation some basics Please Please? Please!!! Bear in mind your users Their behavior, likes and dislikes, as well as communication modes (do they actually read the newspaper that you advertised in?)
  • 13. (2) Lets cheat! Mapping
  • 14. (2) Lets cheat! Crowd-funding / crowd-resourcing
  • 15. (2) Lets cheat! Fix My Street
  • 16. (2) Lets cheat! Access to information
  • 17. (2) Lets cheat! Services or service improvement
  • 18. (2) Lets cheat! SMS polling
  • 19. (2) Lets cheat! No matter the tool, remember the itch. It determines success Remember the wheel? New in the old. Think in terms of by the people for the people. This is best described by principles of human-centered design
  • 20. (3) Nuts, bolts and sketches for design Toolkits and toolsets
  • 21. (3) Nuts, bolts and sketches for design Problem Definition
  • 22. (3) Nuts, bolts and sketches for design Target Group
  • 23. (3) Nuts, bolts and sketches for design Experience Tour / Service Safari
  • 24. (3) Nuts, bolts and sketches for design Fast Idea Generator
  • 25. (3) Nuts, bolts and sketches for design Theory of Change
  • 26. (3) Nuts, bolts and sketches for design Prototype Testing Plan
  • 27. (3) Nuts, bolts and sketches for design Business Model Canvas
  • 28. (3) Nuts, bolts and sketches for design Scaling Plan
  • 29. (3) Nuts, bolts and sketches for design Prototyping / Co-design funnel
  • 30. (3) Nuts, bolts and sketches for design Some things to remember 1. Focus on the problem, not the product 2. Bridge the digital divide 3. Dont pitch, prototype 4. Make space and allow ideas to grow haste makes waste
  • 31. All for now Thank you!