Reimagining indian roads

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Text of Reimagining indian roads

  • How technology can help

    improve cleanliness of our roads?

  • Why not

    Robots to clean

    our streets


    Thanks to its sensors and the control software,

    the robot can be programmed to work

    autonomously and safely avoiding obstacles

  • Automated

    Litter tickets

    using Big Data


    Facial recognition software to automatically identify

    litters through Street-side cameras. Litter tickets to

    be mailed to the respective address.

  • Warning to

    litters through


    voice calls

    This will create awareness among the citizen

    to follow the rules of the country. Lets make

    India a better place to live.

  • Crowd-




    The report will consider feedback from

    citizens and analytics from CCTV cameras.

    Measure is critical, without which we are

    only discussing.

  • 360 degree



    with Citizens

    Enable real-time communication leveraging

    consumer driven communication tools such as

    WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • How technology can ensure

    safe roads?

  • Big Data

    Analytics to


    identify offenders

    Not just for the vehicles violating the traffic signals,

    but for pedestrians too!

  • Automated

    speed monitoring


    To track down the speeding vehicles

  • Traffic command

    center to oversee


    Traffic command center to command the city traffic

    from a centralized location

  • Mobile

    Policing for

    speedy response

    The entire world is moving towards mobile, why not

    our traffic police?

  • How technology can ensure

    road standards?

  • Technology to

    identify potholes

    Thanks to Google and Range Rover, they are building

    a technology that reveals plans for cars that detect

    uneven road surfaces to plot the smoothest routes.

    Why not use it to proactively fix potholes.

  • Robots to fix

    damaged roads

    Why not robots to fix damaged roads, that

    too within two hours.

  • How can technology make driving a

    memorable experience?

  • Robots to plant

    trees on the

    road sides?

    Yup, why not a robot to plant and water

    trees on the roadsides? There are robots which

    already does this.

  • Vehicle and

    pedestrian traffic

    to power our

    street lights

    New & inexpensive technologies are available now

    which can generate electricity from traffic.

    Can we not use them?

  • Automated toll


    Mobile technology enables toll payment on the fly.

    Why waste citizen time & money when we have

    the technology?

  • Adjustable

    road dividers

    based on traffic


    Why not adjustable road dividers based

    on the intensity of the traffic, we dont need

    bigger roads we just need smarter way of

    managing them.

  • We dont want to be left only with the

    questions, do we? Lets make driving a

    memorable experience on the Indian Roads.

    Do share your thoughts!

  • Let's stay


    Write to me at

    P Pratap KumarMarketing Executive, Imaginea