Presentation New Year's Resolutions

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    Youve likely made a New Years resolution recently, but somethingyou might not have given as much thought to is how you can resolve

    to improve your business presentations.

    1. Stop Bullet-PointingBullet points are poor way of getting yourmessage across no-one wants to read a list ofdrab, itemised factoids. Present your informationwith powerful imagery & slick animation instead.

    2. Use Less TextIf you can say it with 5 words, then why use 10?Text-bloated slides turn audiences off and lessreally is more, so limit each slide to containingone piece of information and a powerful visual.

    3. Implement Better VisualsVisuals are important so make sure your imagerystands out and chimes with your presentation'stone and content. And ditch cheesy stock photosand clipart they only undermine your credibility.

    4. Practice A LotBrilliant public speakers didn't just become thatway overnight. Allocate yourself additional time topractice and eventually you'll be able to nail theeffortless and dramatic delivery your aspire to.


    But fear not, our PowerPoint experts are on hand with presentationresolutions we hope will help bring you success in the coming year: