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Mitt RomneyAn experienced public speaker, Mitt Romney knows exactly what it takes to succeed in both business and politics. He has a clear vision of the key challenges facing America and the world today, and will bring a huge draw to any event or conference.

US Presidential Candidate (2012)Former Governor of Massachusetts (2003-07, elected 2002)President and CEO, Salt Lake City Winter Olympics Organising Committee (1999-2002)

Lucy Hawking"Lucy is a brilliant storyteller. She talks about how to make science accessible; the creative side of science and how it can spur imagination; and offers unique reflections of the extraordinary life of her father, Stephen Hawking. Lucy is also an inspirational speaker on the value of diversity in business.

Influential populariser of scienceBest-selling author, story-teller and passionate speaker on the value of diversityDaughter of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking

Peter BazalgetteA fiercely intelligent and talented businessman, Sir Peter speaks regularly on all aspects of media, the digital revolution and managing creativity. He is also well placed to discuss the opportunities technology is presenting to the arts and cultural sector, and the importance of diversity in the workplace.

Chairman of ITVDescribed as "the most influential man in British television"Author and commentator on the arts, society and media

Janet Mock"Janet describes her lived experiences as a trans woman of colour and contextualises those experiences to draw connections between her life, her work and her mission to broaden societys portrait of womanhood. She speaks about the power of storytelling, the history of trans women-led movements, and the personal-political dynamics of visibility."

Gender rights activist New York Times best-selling author, "Redefining Realness" (2014) Host of MSNBC's "So POPular!" and correspondent for Entertainment Tonight

Harper ReedHarper is not the guy youd typically imagine inviting to a board meeting, but we always did and he was very impressive, said venture capital firm Sandbox Industries, where Reed recently served as an adviser. If you heard him talk and speak, youd think he was a suit, but hes not. He takes pride in being different.

Chief Technology Officer, Obama for America 2012Crowd-sourcing and social media pioneerHead of Commerce, Braintree, a PayPal Company (2015-present)

Kathryn Parsons"Kathryn is at the forefront of a gender revolution in the technology sector. She is well placed to talk about women in business, entrepreneurship and the future of the digital economy."

Founder of digital education company, DecodedNamed in Business Insiders 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In TechMarie Claire Women at the Top Pioneer Award (2014)

Charles AdlerCharles is hugely passionate about the internets potential to unlock the creative and economic possibilities lying at the margins of mainstream culture. His energy and vision have helped thousands of innovative individuals reach an unprecedentedly global audience, leading to what he calls the emergence of a new global creative class.

Co-founder and former Head of Design, "Top 12 Most Disruptive Figures in Business" (Forbes, 2013)Pioneering thought leader in agile development and user experience design

Adair TurnerAn expert on global finance, Lord Turner is now dedicating his time to answering the big questions facing macroeconomic policymakers across the world. Recently, he has spent a lot of time in China, and has a deep knowledge of the challenges facing its financial system.

Chairman, Institute of New Economic Thinking (2013-present)Chairman, Financial Services Authority (2008-13)World-renowned expert on global economic trends, global finance and the Chinese financial system

Nerina RamlakhanDr Nerina Ramlakhan's practical and energetic approach has helped thousands of individuals and organisations to regain more of a balance in the fast-paced world we now find ourselves in, helping them to achieve a more sustainable, efficient and ultimately more enjoyable lifestyle."

Expert on sleep and wellbeingFounder of BUPAs Corporate Wellbeing SolutionsAuthor, Tired But Wired (2010) and Fast Asleep Wide Awake (2016)

Scilla ElworthyScilla has built a truly remarkable career, working with the world's most revered leaders to promote peace globally. She has invaluable lessons to impart to anyone in a leadership role, helping them think critically about the key issues they need to engage with, and the virtues they need to cultivate in order to achieve success.

Three time Nobel Peace Prize nomineeInspirational speaker on leadership and non-violenceFounder of the Oxford Research Group and Peace Direct

Lawrence Freedman"Lawrence's wealth of experience and learning give him an almost unparalleled perspective on the key 21st century trends in foreign policy and international politics. His insights on strategy are invaluable for organisations of all types that want to thrive in an ever more unstable world."

One of the world's most distinguished experts on foreign policy, international relations and strategyAuthor of the highly acclaimed "Strategy" (2013)Emeritus Professor of War Studies at King's College London

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