10 tips for creating great visual aids in presentations

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  1. 1. PROS CONS ADD HIGH IMPACT USE PICTURES AND DIAGRAMS before words and use only key phrases COMPLETE Before you begin ADD story structure, THREE IS GREAT! STICK TO three words per point & three points per slide your presentation plan and storyboard EXPLAIN jargon TLAs (three letter acronyms) USE MUTED COLOURS with no complex graphics or animations MUTED MUTED MUTED EDIT ruthlessly and REMOVE visual and text clutter FOLLOW A STRICT SLIDE FORMAT maintaining design consistency ONE MESSAGE PER SLIDE, written as a title and supported with visuals USE PROS & CONS to structure information FOLLOW EXAMPLES set by print, TV and online news bulletins www.presentationstudio.com Content reproduced with authority from Jim Harvey (www.jim-harvey.com) Designed with love from Presentation Studio Images sourced from Shutterstock www.jim-harvey.com 10 TIPS FOR CREATING GREAT VISUAL AIDS in collaboration with Jim Harvey Follow these ten golden rules and youll always have your audiences attention for the right reason.