Future politician Beyond democracy Let first select then e

Future politician

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To shape future politician

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Future politician Beyond democracy

Let first select then elect

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Public is above all

Politician is also a public servant

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Do politician do public service?

Most of the information required for law making are the donation of general public, analysed by beaurocrats, future law is moulded into draft by beaurocrats. Final signature is done by politician after pointing Sir ,please sign here.Most of the politician of my time are busy in making party, changing party, dividing party and making these no sense stuff as major part of news as they in power.

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No less

All are minimum graduate Civil servant





Some people told –No more acceptableTo call some one POLITICIAN

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Popularity Hypothesis

Public servant is more known and more popular among people than a person in Q of becoming a politician .

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National Political Board of Examination [NPBE]

Not every popular/celebrity is eligible to govern

Pass the National Political Board of Examination[NPBE]

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Online Parliament

Shouting and breaking tables

Making laws for a sovereign needs wisdom and silence

Information alone is not enough

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Public itself is helplessPublic needs protection

Needs rules

Needs soldier at LOC

Needs education

Needs police

Needs beaurocrats

Needs lawyers

Needs relief

Not impartial

Public not qualified To select governor=politician of the country

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First select the candidate for politician Then choose elect from Q

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Select politician !!

Minimum qualification-graduate

Must have political science as honours

Must have distinction in graduation

Must pass through public service commission for having the ability to govern

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Then elect!

The passed candidates should be elected in Q by public according to the

Merit already from UPSC.

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Grace mark

If they have any service in the cause of public interest

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Then only eligible for

Prefix Salutation -Politician