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A good leader is a self actualized leader. The quality of self actualization is the highest form of human growth, someone who is self actualized is

a fully functioning human being.

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Following are some of the characteristics of an Indian Politician and must read when we're making

a choice as to whom we choose as a leader:

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He is always fair in the works: A good political leader always uses reliable and unfiltered information to make judgments and to come up with resolutions.

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Is moving above him and serving the society: A good leader stands above any specific religious or

political views of his own and is independent of any attachment to a specific agenda.

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He does not gives importance to fame and attention: A good leader has been able to move above and

beyond any egoistic and primitive need for power, attention, or establishing his personal agendas and works with the intention of good-for-all.

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Is focused on some important qualities: He is specific, achievable, and measurable goals and demands outcomes. He is always focused on his goals and implements a number of changes

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Encourages people to be accountable for their actions:

An Indian Politician helps people to understand that they are accountable for their society and its outcome and teaches them to make compromises and responsible choices.

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He pays attention to ethical rules also being a political person also:

A good leader understands that in order for the whole society to be a functional and a healthy one.

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Does not make idealistic promises but realistic ones. A good leader makes a sustainable

promise and is a man of his words.

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He stands on his own decisions and believes to observe events objectively while the general

public fails to do so.

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He is always focused on his goals and implements a number of changes . His goals, whether small or large, are

reasonable and achievable and are directed towards the long term results, not quick and temporary fixes that may


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He does not support a sense of self-serving entitlement that has gone too far and is counter-productive for the

society as a whole.

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Thinks globally and acts locally. An Indian Politician realizes that in order for us to live in prosperity as a

powerful and blessed country, reasonable steps need to be taken to make sure that others are achieving the same


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