Death penalty 2010

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  • 1. TheDeath Penalty Amnesty International UKTRAINING programme

2. METHODS OF EXECUTION Beheading: Saudi Arabia/Iraq Electrocution: USA Hanging: Egypt, Japan, Jordan, Pakistan,Singapore & others Lethal Injection: China, Guatemala, Philippines,Thailand, USA Shooting: Belarus, China, Somalia, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam & others Stoning: Afghanistan, Iran 3. China 93 % USA Iran Saudi Arbia Pakistan 4. ABOLITION 95 countries abolished for all crimes 9 countries abolished for all but exceptional crimes 35 countries abolitionist in practice TOTAL COUNTRIES = 139 RETENTIONIST COUNTRIES = 58 5. URGENT ACTION CASES

  • 93 cases in last year
  • Sent to 200 300 people
  • China, Iran, USA

6. Priority case: Hakamada Iwao The worlds longest serving death row inmate 7. Letter-writing action (AIUK website): Minister ofJustice Hakamada Iwao: Case campaign timeline

  • Feb/March 09
  • Coordinators send action and plans to E Asia groups (postcards)
  • Action promoted in Amnesty magazine

LOBBYING Work with All Party Group on Death Penalty. EDM tabled in parliament. 93 signatories. Nov 08 SOLIDARITY AIUK launch campaigning.Greetings Card Campaign

  • March (73rd birthday)
  • Embassy visit
  • Local groups (all) action:
  • Tokyo prison and MP
  • April
  • Alistair Carmichael MP visits Japan.
  • CC organises visual petition/AGM action and sends photo and letter to embassy

8. LOBBYINGACTIVISM Oliver Letwin MP raises case with Japanese embassy (result of letter from Lyme Regis group)June 09: LOBBYING Case raised directly withUK Minister of Foreign Affairs Letter-writing action (AIUK website): Minister ofJustice August MEDIA IS report launched UK media team wide UK press coverage

  • Burst of action:
  • web
  • action in Amnesty magazine

Dec 09 ACTIVISM CC prepare and launch photo action with E Asia groups Jan 2010 ACTIVISM Photo action sent to youth groups. Promoted on web March 2010 LOBBYINGACTIVISM Embassy meeting. Alistair Carmichael.Giant card hand-in (activist photos) Hakamada Iwao: Case campaign timeline 9. Priority case: Troy Davis 10. Priority case: Troy Davis 'I would like to thank all of you very much from the depths of my heart because my family and I really need more people out there fighting for us and being our voice and showing support.'And all of you have really opened the eyes of people all around the world about injustice, not only to me, but about the United States' legal system. And it's an honor to have all of you - your friendship, your support, your letters, and your activist work, it really means a lot.' - Troy Davis, speaking to Amnesty International 11. Priority case: Troy Davis Richard, Troy, Alistair, Nan Kim, Troys mum and sister Richard outside White House 12. Priority case: Troy Davis 13. Priority case: Troy Davis

  • Sign the petition
  • Visit the website for updates

14. Juveniles

  • Pakistan
  • China
  • Iran
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • USA (until 2005)

15. Delara Darabi 16. Delara Darabi 17. Iran 18. United Nations Moratorium Resolution 62/149: Worldwide moratorium on executions