Top nuggets from Growth Hacking Marketing by @RyanHoliday

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  1. 1. Ryan Holiday We all want to do more with less. For marketers and entrepreneurs, that paradox is practically our job description.
  2. 2. Ryan Holiday A growth hacker doesn't see marketing as something one does but rather as something one builds into the product itself.
  3. 3. Ryan Holiday What growth hackers do is focus on the 'who' and 'where' more scientifically, in a more measurable way.
  4. 4. Ryan Holiday You know what the single worst marketing decision you can make is? Starting with a product nobody wants or nobody needs.
  5. 5. Ryan Holiday Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd.
  6. 6. Ryan Holiday Once we bring our first customers in, our next move is to set about turning them into an army.
  7. 7. Ryan Holiday You should not just encourage sharing but create powerful incentives to do so.
  8. 8. Ryan Holiday Many start-ups owe their now-massive user bases to thoughtful integration with big platforms.
  9. 9. Ryan Holiday A growth hacker will look for ways to get social currency for free.
  10. 10. Ryan Holiday Dedicated and happy users are marketing tools in and of themselves.
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  12. 12. Ryan Holiday If you've built in viral features, the more your users stick, the more it will spread.
  13. 13. Ryan Holiday The role of the growth hacker is to ruthlessly optimize incoming traffic for success.
  14. 14. Ryan Holiday The focus needs to be on improving customer retention.
  15. 15. Ryan Holiday Raw growth is great, but at the end of the day, we're running businesses here. We want to turn stats into dollars.
  16. 16. Ryan Holiday Retention trumps acquisition.
  17. 17. Ryan Holiday When your product is actually relevant and designed for a specific audience, bloggers love to write about you.
  18. 18. Ryan Holiday It's up to us to optimize our product around [] customers and their needs.
  19. 19. Ryan Holiday We no longer have an excuse for expensive, indulgent mistakes. The alternative is too easy and too reliable.
  20. 20. Ryan Holiday Growth hacking really is a mindset rather than a tool kit. And if you leave this book with one thing, it should be that mindset.
  21. 21. Ryan Holiday Lesson: Cheaply test your concept, improve it based on feedback, then launch.
  22. 22. Ryan Holiday Lesson: Reduce barriers to entry; use targeted media and platforms to bring your first users on board.
  23. 23. Ryan Holiday Lesson: Aim for a wow factor and response from your customers.
  24. 24. Ryan Holiday Growth hackers obsess about conversion rate.
  25. 25. Ryan Holiday Growth hacker is an employee with a simple job: growing the business by any means possible.
  26. 26. Ryan Holiday Growth hackers' main task is to build great marketing ideas into the product during the development process.
  27. 27. Ryan Holiday Sometimes 'stunts' are a great way to get users.
  28. 28. Ryan Holiday Publicity stunts are often about exploiting systems or platforms that others have not yet fully appreciated.
  29. 29. Ryan Holiday Techniques like A/B testing can provide you with actionable metrics because you will be able to replicate the results.
  30. 30. Ryan Holiday What kind of crazy/cool thing can I do to get attention, something that, ideally, no one has ever done before?
  31. 31. Ryan Holiday Applying the process is what matters, not the product.
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